West Ham Knuckle Dragging Pikeys v Tottenham Hotspur. Sat 23rd November 12-30 : Live from Billy Smart’s Circus Tent.

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But they’re ‘real facking landaners born within earshot of the old facking bow bells sonnyjim’

must be a killer paying £13 quid for a beer in Stratford and sitting next to someone called Sebastian for them though eh

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They play in an athletics stadium attached to a shopping centre and are owned by the Dildo Brothers and the Pillsbury Dough Girl.

Thank Christ they exist to put our current problems into perspective.
Be honest though, you would, wouldn't you...

You just know she's utter filth in the sack



Nonchalant Dickhead
So here we are - West Ham’s Cup final, their be all and end all, their chance of a giant killing.
They could lose every game in the season but if they win one of the games against us there would be a statue of Pellegrini outside the banter bowl ( if the stadium owners allowed it) .
It’s coming up for 40 years without a trophy for the deluded Essex losers. This is their chance to make up for lost ground and get their name on a Trophy in a season they will be pushing for top 6 if not top 4 ( apparently).

No doubt the electric atmosphere (😂) and frightening sight of that bubble machine gives Pug Face Brady’s brave soldiers an advantage but we will have to deal with it if we want to make this our 4th win on the bounce at the ground with state of the art retractable seating (😂).
We better make the most of playing in such a wonderful stadium, they only have the lease for another 95 years :dembelelol:
Love the title and this post - well done mate!
Whenever we really need to beat them we always cock it up, this is their only game of the season and they will play like wild dogs.

We will put in another lame performance where theie keeper doesn’t have to move until there’s 10 minutes left.

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I started reading the title and knew immediately who the thread starter was. Couldn’t be anyone else.

Top work Billy. Love you mate. Never change.
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