What do we need to do in order to become a dominant force both domestically and in Europe?

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There is no doubt in my mind that our club is destined for greatness, it's not a matter of if but a matter of when.

I also can't think of a better time (in my life at least) to be a spurs supporter, we have a great team, a great manager and we are very financially stable thanks to our chairman.

Now, the question I pose is simple, what is going to take us to the next level?

When I say "the next level" I don't just mean winning a single trophy either, I mean, what will take us to the level of complete dominance, a team that consistently wins trophies, a team known for being a force and one to be feared, one with that "winning aura" that only very few clubs possess? A club known for huge stature, Real Madrid being a good example (even though they are terrible currently.)

Is it even possible in the modern game? Is it simply money? I personally don't believe that's the only factor, I think it's more than that, Poch has slowly been building a winning mentality here and last seasons champions league run showed what we are truly capable of, with that level of consistency every season we are guaranteed to not only win a troohy but also become a team known for winning them on a continuous basis, Poch reminds me a lot of Ferguson during the early years albeit a little less ruthless.

However, we have certain issues I believe will need addressing and may cause some problems along the way, some of our best players are getting to their peak in regards to age and it will not be long before they need replacing, will the players coming in give the same level of consistency? That remains to be seen I suppose.

Basically, TLDR, what do you think as a supporter, it will take for us to start winning silverware on a consistent basis and grow the club to be seen as a giant? Like I say, is it even possible for us to achieve that in the modern game?
To dominate in this day and age we’d need one of two things. The first would be a genuine clampdown on oil rich teams buying trophies, or the second would be able to compete on the same or greater financial level as those rich teams.

We’ve massively punched above our weight so much that by the time the new stadium opened we were already way ahead of schedule, and have significantly greater financial clout to stay competitive. The multi-purpose nature of the stadium makes it an enormous cash cow that will generate a fortune for years to come, and its allowed us to steal a march on the other Prem clubs in that respect.

However I think sustained success really is about money. Until we can have a B Team full of great players on high wages who are happy to stay, we’ll always struggle in depth compared to the Sheik Mansour team.

The only other alternative would be to have a consistently brilliant youth team and the best scouts in the world, and even then you can see how Chelsea just throw money at kids like Jimmy Saville at an after-show private party.
To be honest it will take time. We are getting there and there abouts now in the CL, becoming a team that can beat the best and that others will not want to play.
Poch's biggest challenge will be to replace those players who retire or move on, evolve and improve on what we had.
I know last season wasn't our best but there were good reasons for that. I do feel though that as a manager he has learned lessons each season from the one before and our playing style has changed over his seasons in charge.
Domestically its the consistency to beat the smaller teams a bit more easily, break them down earlier so we can sub some of our best players not having them always playing 90 mins because we need them to. This will then help if they are more rested for the big games.
I felt the last 2 seasons that we have often performed better and set up better in the CL, whether this is because of the styles and pace of play or because we were not as well known.
'a team known for being a force and one to be feared'

I think we're at that point already. I doubt anybody jumps for joy when they know they've got to play us.

Long way to go before we're one of the legends though!
One ego manic player who thinks he’s bigger than the rest of the entire club combined......

Those teams that dominate usually have that one guy who just doesn’t accept failure, but can back his mouth/ego up with his performances....


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Stop making dumb team selections, Son at left back in a semi, Lucas left out of the final???

As well as this we must stop thinking that certain players are favourites that get a place in the first 11 no matter what. If someone is on a poor run best not play them in a final.
I honestly think Dybala and a right back would have been a big step in the right direction, and we could have won the title with those additions.

We are not far off but I fear at the end of this season we will be further away, with the loss of eriksen, Toby & jan.


Able to sign top class players and spend big money every summer window. That is the last step.


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My super simple path to a Tottenham dynasty w/o a sugar daddy:

TL;DR fuck Woolwich and exploit America & AI

1) FIFA puts real pressure on teams with a sugar daddy. Eliminate that kind of financial doping.

2) There needs to be less top teams or more trophies. Even more important: Chelsea and/or Woolwich need to lose their status big time and we should dominate the whole London fanbase.

3) We need a competitive advantage that can’t be copied and is sustainable: we need world class players and managers that will stay for more than a decade.

3.1) (sci fi alert) Another idea for a CA: powerful and patented AI analysis tools (pattern recognition and advanced statistics): I believe that computers can outsmart us in the game called football on a strategic and tactical level. If we can combine superior insights with immersive and rich communication tools between AI and players, we could build a team that knows the opponent better than the opponent knows themselves. This could mean such a groundbreaking revolution that we don’t even talk about 433 or 4231 or whatever anymore. The sky is the limit. Use AI for tactical insights and gameplan, recruiting and training.

(Wether 3.1 is realistic or not isn’t the point)

4) Prime English talent (we already do very well here).
The national team is an excellent gateway for nationwide supporters becoming Spurs fans. Getting them through a youth team structure is even better.

5) A well run and also dominant sattelite team in the US. Think about: if the US loves a sport, stars are born. Imagine what the football equivalent of a Michael Jordan could be worth or what the club linked to him would be worth: dynasty level fame. It might take 50 years but the US at some point will produce the biggest stars (not the same as best players) in football.
Depth and quality, the type that only Man City can boast. So that would be money, to the extent you can usurp the FFP rules.
Without a sugar daddy, it's really hard to do. We'd need to increase our revenue significantly versus the rest of the clubs in the world and get a couple of PL/CL trophies to "mark our territory" and increase our brand footprint. That's a combination of skill and luck, but it's hard for even a talented chairman and manager to do given Tottenham's current position.

We can try and build competitive advantages, but it's difficult in such an ultra competitive sport.
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