What Do You Think Is A Player's Perception Of Fans

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Again depends the player you’ve got say Kane, Winks, Hoddle etc who are Tottenham fans they can relate to fans, us! As probably other players from other teams can regarding who they play for or support. Then youve got Benny who according to Crouch hated football it was a job, think David Batty was another he played football......as a job if you go to the Jimmy Greaves thread and watch the question & answer session first thing he says he’s not a Tottenham fan but he enjoyed playing football if you’ve got guys that happen to play football for a living and that’s it they probably won’t relate to fans and they/we think team gets beat, okay should/will do better next week move on.......for us or at least some we sink into the depths of despair and dwell on a defeat for ages perhaps a players view is the better option life’s too short.
Depends on the player , i suppose.
Ledley king seems to appreciate the fans when i have met him(he's an ex player,i know)
Berbatov looked at me like i was the shit on his shoe,even after clocking my spurs tie pin.
I suspect we were more thought of in general by players years back than now.That said ,i have heard horror stories about Gary Lineker. My mate witnessed him refusing to give a kid an autograph in the west end years back.
sad to hear another story of Linekers "bad behaviour" I met him outside and inside Wembley with his boys (at an FA cup final)and he was nothing but friendly and chatty whilst we stood around waiting to get in, and he remembered me when I saw him and his lads again later on the concourse (might have been half time)
I thanked him as a Spurs fan for what he did for the club and he seemed flattered and a little embarrassed and thanked me for saying so. My experience was nothing but positive, so I'm sad to hear all the negativity about him.
I also met John Gorman in a pub whilst he was part of Glenn Hoddles entourage and he was easy to talk to, and he said that he really missed the playing in front of a fanatical crowd, and the interaction with the fans. He also spoke of Hoddles love for the club, and his single minded approach to getting the right message across as to how football should be played.
Mostly don’t give 2 shites about us no matter what they say or how much they touch the crest.
maybe 50 years ago with local lads where their father took them to matches and the pub. Part for Winks I doubt any of them really cares for us here.
I reckon H loves the club and cares about the fans; obviously he doesn't love the club as much as we do and clearly it's not to the extent that he will stay with us no matter what, but I think he has taken Spurs into his heart, I also reckon Sonny and any player who hasn't gone through a bad period in which they will be attacked on the internet would probably have positive feelings towards the fans. There's really loving the fans, which is rare, and then there is having a positive feeling towards the club and fans, which is more common.

The two players in recent eras who I think really loved the fans and had a real affinity for the club were Paul Robinson and Michael Dawson. I haven't met either of them personally but this is based on quite a few accounts of people who have and their general attitude on the pitch and in interviews etc. Those two remain my favourite players of my time in spite of them not being top in terms of ability.
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