What would you rather have won?

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What would you rather of won?

  • Premier League 2016/17

    Votes: 35 48.6%
  • Champions League 2018/19

    Votes: 37 51.4%

  • Total voters
If we had been in the final tonight the team wouldn't have found a way to lose it anyway.
Gooners will be all over us now spurs can't win fuck all and it's true.
Well how can we? We have a set of players who spent five years under a manager who’s attitude towards this cup was “where are Wigan now”......just an ego isn’t it?

Well a shit Woolwich team are now three FA Cups better off since he came and left.
At least we lost the big one though eh, blinding...


Eroding the true defnition of glory since 1976...
Not gonna win either anytime soon with current crop. No good trying to buy cheap players for less than their value either. Until spurs spend like the Mancs do they won't win a thing !
Funny how it's "we" for everyone else on the forum..... :kanehand:

Ya not Spurs.
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