What's Your Favourite Spurs Shirt of All-Time?

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I loved this goalie top. Ian Walker looked so cool in it as he shipped in another barrage of goals.

I owned this.. the pony purple and the home! I was pretty young back then
One of the old regulars at NYSpurs always wears this pony kit- it's not my favourite looking kit (by a long shot), but every time I see someone wearing it I look at them and know that we shared some shitty times together.

That all said- the 85 Hummel kit that was worn in the Ossie testimonial all day for me. I own it and have wanked in the mirror millions of times to it.
One of my favourites, which I wear often on Matchdays, is the purple away version from that season
I would love it if they did a reissue of the yellow c.1990 strip.

Love it.
One of the last spurs shirts that i purchased for myself, got it here now beside me.
Number 9 on the back (chrissy wad).
But it's a medium size. :dier:

Got the home one the season after with 8 on the back (gaz).

And that was the last ever one.

Gave me old man the shirt years ago.
I've popped my teal shirt on tonight and you know...its made me smile! this could become a real favorite. Its brought back memories, thank you Sonny, thank you Fernando, thank you VAR, thank you Lucas thank you Spurs!
That brown one when Huddlestone was at his peak.
I loved the idea of it, and the gold trim looked great too, but the actual shirt template was shocking. The collar was higher at the front than it was at the back, so if it wasn't for the logos it looked like it was on back to front. The fabric it was made from was like reinforced paper, which didn't help.

Yet despite all that I still really like this one, but not the identical in all but colour home and away shirts that accompanied it
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