What's Your Favourite Spurs Shirt of All-Time?

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That brown one when Huddlestone was at his peak.
I loved the idea of it, and the gold trim looked great too, but the actual shirt template was shocking. The collar was higher at the front than it was at the back, so if it wasn't for the logos it looked like it was on back to front. The fabric it was made from was like reinforced paper, which didn't help.

Yet despite all that I still really like this one, but not the identical in all but colour home and away shirts that accompanied it

This one for me. Always liked the collar, for being able to wear a tie with it.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
My favourite shirts were the ones designed by Le Coq Sportif, seems very fitting for them to make our kits,
The first ones in 1980 were plain white or yellow, no sponsor.
My personal favourite though came from the centenary season 1982/83, which was the stripe effect, but still all white and no sponsor. Second and third strips were light blue and yellow respectively.
The following seasons 1983/1985 were also the stripe effect , but with the cockerel in the middle.
Co-incidentally, that was the most successful period in our more recent history - 2 FA Cups and a UEFA Cup.
Not a trace of red anywhere.
All this information comes from "The Spurs Shirt" book, really good read, and saves me having to google to check my facts.
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