Where would Spurs finish if we entered La Liga this season?

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Where would Spurs finish?

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4th or 5th. Probably depends on what damage Kane and Son could do. I think there are better defenders in the EPL overall than La Liga. Probably by some distance.
We wouldn’t be allowed to enter because we are in the Premier League and they have rules to stop their teams playing in other leagues.

As Daniel Levy knows full well.

The cunt.
Their GK is about the same as ours
CBs are a little better / about the same
Their Fullbacks are better. Dest and Alba > Royal and Reguilon
Their midfield of De Jong, Pjanic, Puig, and Ilaix are better than our midfield
Our front three are better

they have a deeper bench
Their CBs are awful. Pique past it and the rest they offered for free but no club bothered.
Pjanic they also desperately tried to offload because he’s been a monumental flop. Ilaix has gone to Leipzig…
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