Which players need to go?

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Kane is playing terribly and still contributing so much more.
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I complain about lucas a lot because he does have major flaws and is not good enough to be a surefire starter, but Igula Igula is just completely unreasonable. Lucas was MOTM against City in the first game... there was one play where he cut inside, dribbled 50 yards, beat 3 or 4 players, and slid a pass just a bit ahead of Son who still gathered it and possessed the ball near the corner flag. He missed the final pass but we still had a near chance and gained 50+ yards of territory.

Igula said that play showed how terrible Lucas is because he slightly mishit the pass while completely ignoring the fact that he dribbled 50 yards where almost all of our other players would have passed it sideways or backwards. Deluded!
Wtf did we just agree on something?

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You did. “We need players that can match Kane at his best not play almost as good as him when he couldn't care less.”

You literally said we need players to match Kane at his best. Which is impossible.

That doesn't mean 10 new signings we have guys who are at that level already. We had a guy that could do that in Lucas' spot last year and let him go.

But as usual we see with some "fans" that ambition is a bad word for Spurs.
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