Which set of fans do you dislike the most?

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Which fans do you dislike the most

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Yep it's Chelsea and Liverpool for the reason above. They are neck and neck I hate both and their modern incarnations are unbearable. Going Liverpool just because they are genuinely delusional and think there club is actually in some odd pseudo spiritual way 'special'

Yeh it does come across like a cult, like as if their fans would literally die for the team.
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I can't, I won't.

They are cunts.
Got to be Liverpool fans. I’ve never heard such a whiny bunch of limpdick chisel-up-the-arsehole and twig-for-a-spine twats. Always excuses. If they were at school, you’d lock them in a cupboard and piss through the keyhole. They don’t deserve such a decent team.


Up The Spurs! Slava Ukraini! 🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦
Chavs. Racist white trash suburban cunts combined with plastic new fan wankers. Utter scum. Nothing but hatred for them.
Chelsea are really the scum of the earth followed by inbreds from last night it was the puddledrinkers up the road for long enough but now they can’t even be taken seriously anymore AFC FAN TV took care of that they are just a joke, dippers though are up there

Massive Conte

It’s between West Ham and Chelsea for me. Deep rooted anti semitism at both.

Woolwich don’t even appear on the map anymore. They are irrelevant these days.


Woolwich: more a laugh these days with AFTV, the David Brent of fans.

Chelsea: far right older fans and glory hunter new ones.

West Ham: take the far right Chelsea older fans, this is the pound shop version.

Liverpool: victims and grievance.

Man United: TBF most are quite level headed in comparison to their success, they could be a lot worse. I refer to their fans and not Gary Neville on the Sky comms who bigs them up.

Man City: older fans are ok, younger ones have the money glory hunter traits.
I don't like hypocrites so Liverpool, delusional.

Chelsea, westham know what they are(and probably proud of it) deep down.

Scum, hate them but the fans are pathetic.

Liverpool just outraged by everything with no self awareness.
Leeds scum

City, in the past but not for a while now.
Wall, on the odd occasion we meet.
Boro, for a few years in the past.

Palace are a bit wanky these days.
Everton were quite racist but much less so now.

United think they are the greatest.
Liverpool are just VERY annoying.


Chavs. Racist white trash suburban cunts combined with plastic new fan wankers. Utter scum. Nothing but hatred for them.
Wish I could have given 2 agrees for your post.
For me I hate Woolwich (the club / the entity) more than I hate Chelski (the club / the entity which was nothing more than a joke club to pity when I was growing up) but I cannot tolerate the attitudes and beliefs of Chelscum fans. Basically they are like Millwall fans but with success bought by a sugar daddy who’s ethnicity they would proudly be abusive about. Scum.


"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
- Chavs: Racism, anti-semetism, lots of plastics and tarquins.
- Spammers: Rascism, anti-semetism, little-man syndrome.

- Gooners: Just cringe tbh..... Lots of tarquins and 90s plastics.... If we weren't historic rivals I honestly wouldn't give a shit about them or their wanky club.
- Dippers: Ultimately just twats.
- United: Spoiled, arrogant entitled wankers..... Plastics everywhere!!!!

Hard to look past the first 2 tbh; no matter how detestable the second list are.

- City: It's all just a bit plastic and lame really..... Again, couldn't give a toss about their fans; just resent their scummy ownership.

- No prior mention of Barcodes in this thread..... Peak delusion..... Like Liverpool, but without the trophy cabinet to back it up. Watch these cunts become utterly unbearable in a few years........
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