Which set of fans do you dislike the most?

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Which fans do you dislike the most

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Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Interesting that Arse are so far behind in this. They still remain our no. 1 sporting rival. It is a fine line between the Top 4 though. Liverpool hatred is more to do with the armchair establishment fans from London and the SE. The false romanticism of the club despite its appalling history is somewhat bewildering. But yes, they don’t quite have the level of lowlife scum support that Chavs and Spam do.

Honourable mention to fans of the Old Firm too. Deluded, bigoted, flag waving filth on both sides.
A lot of the shine in the rivalry left with Wenger for me. He was a super villain but he was our super villain and on some level I also respected him because holding a manager job for that long is just unheard of.

Who's left to respect there now, Gunnersaurus? And they tried to get rid of him too.
I was born hating Woolwich, but learnt to hate Chelsea and West ham.
Liverpool for being annoying, and the classic never been to a game "Cockney red" man u fans.
All for different reasons, and in different ways
And Celtic


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Dr Rocktopus

Well the last 5 years have really taken their toll on Woolwich supporters. They are badly diminished and have had a lot of the arrogance knocked out of them repeatedly. They are still an incredibly entitled and insufferable fan base, but they have lost a lot of their mouthiness. I would even say that they used to be very cult-like. They were I think the first club to really and truly try to dominate social media as part of their core identity. There used to not be a single website poll that they wouldn't come out in force to dominate.

They've lost their mojo.
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