Which Tottenham player did you want/hoped would do well.....but didn’t.

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That was our fault rather than his. He thrived on low crossed from the wing. We played him as a target man with opportunities coming from behind him. A brilliant fox in the box and we used him as if he was Drogba.

Do you mean a blind fox with some sort of handicap? Then yes a fox in the box. Just a shit one.

Continuously missed 1 on 1s or decent half chances. From. Crosses.

His confidence was shot basically.



Dele is just awful. Needs to be dropped. Get bale in to play next to kane and son...proper quality front 3. Dele just slows everything down and turns a forward pass into him into a backwards or sidewards pass.
Well Dele has done extremely well for us at one point. So a bit different to the thread premise imo.
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