Which Trophy Would You Rather?

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Dr Rocktopus

4. Top 4
5. FA Cup or League Cup

The league would be incredible, but winning the CL would top it for me. It’s the number 1 club competition on the planet, and these days is a greater trophy than the World Cup.

As for top 4 v domestic cups, it would depend on the circumstances. Regular CL qualification is vital for the progress of the club, but I could certainly cope with an FA Cup win and 5th if we’re back in the top 4 within 1 or 2 seasons.
don't care! didn't start supporting spurs for the trophy cabinet. too much emphasis on this, now we have multi-billion pound teams that play for a one nil score line. but that's ok cuz a club is judged by trophy counts... yay!
1. Net Spend
2. Mark Lawrenson's prediction league
3. Premier League
4. Champions League

I've never really dreamed of winning the champions league, but I've been waiting over 30 years to win the Premier League (yes, I'm aware it hasn't been around that long pedants)
Being an older supporter I have seen us win many trophies. You do not need to be the best team in the league as we did not win the league apart from 61. It certainly helps to have a favourable draw and a bit of luck and all finals have been stressful for fans. Last year in the F A Cup we had favourable draws and a bit of luck as we nearly went out to lower league teams. However both deserted us in the semi. However apart from Vorm, the strongest team was picked for the semi. Lloris had made a few mistakes and picking Vorm was not a bad decision. We did not turn up on the day. MU had won 2 trophies the previous season.
In 1991 We got Woolwich in semi and were not favourites but we won. We were favourites against Forest in the final but then lost our best player Gazza and went a goal down BUT overcome that to win.
Technically the current team are capable of winning but the mental ability to find a way to win a tough game is needed. A bit like it is easy to score penalties in training but a different matter when it is vital in a major game.
The team need to be able to overcome adversity which they have done over the years but not in the big matches. I think it will come but you cannot be choosey on which competition to prioritise and have to continue to pick team based on the opposition rather than the competition. Get Woolwich in the 3rd round of F A Cup then first team. Get a lower league team then reserves. Poch needs to want it which I think he now does and if we get to the later stages of any cup competition then prioritise it. If we can overcome the loss last week and be in top 4 then we can afford to rest players for Premiership matches to play in CL. Not lots but a couple. Let's hope the reserves can step up and beat Watford in LC. I really do not care which of the major trophies we win but just want to win something again. Get over that mental block and more will follow.
I think there’s more chance of us winning the CL than the PL, or is that just me?

Too much money involved in winning the PL these days me thinks.
We have recently come 2nd and 3rd in the league, yet never past the last 8 of the CL. I think that indicates which is more likely for us to win. Two legged ties in the CL also make it nearly impossible to fluke your way to the final.

Also current typical odds:
Spurs to win Premier League: 14/1
Spurs to win Champions League: 25/1

The PL one is overpriced I reckon, as well.
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