Who should we buy at CB?

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Choose 2 options (1 left-foot & 1 right-foot)

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According to both Fabrizio Romano and Ali Gold, we are looking to add a LCB to our roster in January. It's also likely we'll want a second new CB in the summer too, with Rodon and Sanchez both at serious risk of being sold.

Post below if you have any other suggestions and I'll add it to the poll.
I’d rather we take the money and put it into bricks and mortar if I’m honest

Players aren’t important , property is where it’s at

A new golf course please
s reactions sew GIF


"If I see aggressivity, I show aggressivity"
Is another swing at Kounde not worthwhile (in the summer) due to the now added Conte factor?
United bought a fridge for £75m

A piece of shit fridge for £75 Mil. Something that Del Boy would try and sell you.

The way I see it, transfers are going one of two ways now.

We pay a stupid amount of money for a proven CB, though most likely not one from the Prenier League, thus adding to the problem of adapting to a new style of football. And I'd they don't work out, it's a waste of money. Sanchez is a prime example of that, as we all know.


Based on the inflated values of a player, a cheap one might still cost us £30 mil.

Whatever the option, football is stupid money these days and this just goes to prove it.
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