Who the fuck signed this shirt?

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
new on here looks interesting, some contriversal comments seemed a bit personal but I will weigh things up.
Welcome :)
Welcome mate

We’re a lovely bunch around here
Well, some are. You pick up who to avoid pretty quickly on here.
rat catcher was my job but i went for two legged rats, mostly those that impersonated being or having been military.
Wow, well done for doing something worthwhile. My second hand experience of those rats seem to prevalent on dating sites, so many of my friends have been catfished (is that the right expression?), but thank goodness they realised before it was too late.
Narrows down the game the shirt is from as he only signed for a couple of months in November 2001.

That is interesting, completely forgot Beasant was at Spurs.

According to this Beasant only ever made the squad the 1-1 home game vs Woolwich

The line up was from this matches what people have said already

Cheers lads
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