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The Romanian Jack

Norwich look very likely to win the league. Leeds almost fucked it up last week, I’d still say their form is a little bit too poor to finish second so I’m going with Sheffield United second. Play-offs then will be a lottery but I hope Leeds can get it.

If Leeds finish second and Sheff Utd third, I’d still want Sheff Utd to come up.


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If Leeds go to playoffs, I would expect Norwich, Villa and Sheffield United to go up. If Sh.United go to playoffs, then they go up alongside Leeds and Norwich.
I really don't think West Brom deserve a place in the PL after stinking the place out for so long last time. And they struggle fill out that poxy ground of their.
Norwich looks like a lock for promotion from this point (which is fun for me personally as my girlfriend's family are from there/are fans). I hope to see us make a move for Max Aarons in the summer, as they have only good things to say about him.

Leeds have fecked it IMO. Sheffield United is in fine form and I make their run in to be the slightly easier out of the two so I see them getting second place ahead of Leeds - who may then be a bit deflated in the play-offs.

Aston Villa's Grealish-inspired resurgence has them in fantastic form, and despite a tricky run in I could see them navigating the play-offs to come up.
You’re Rovers aren’t you?

I prefer Rovers, but I’d enjoy the novelty of a Bristol team in the Prem. I’d have to move Heaven and Earth to get a ticket, but I’d love the opportunity of leaving home and walking for 30 mins to see Spurs play.

Yeah I get that from your point of view.

For me, I would never hear the end of it, although the thought of Spurs taking them apart for an easy 6 points would be quite acceptable!


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Tractor Kings, Blades and either of Leeds or Villa seems the likely bet.

Would really like Sheffield to go up. Been a while since that city has been represented on the highest level.
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