Why Spurs Need Super Scotty More Than Ever

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The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock
It’s a rum state of affairs when a footballer can almost completely drop from his club’s fans collective consciousness during the season after they voted him their Player of the Year. But let’s have a moment of honesty here- at times so far in recent months when Tottenham have been hitting the high notes so far this year, how many of us can honestly attest to having thought “this is nice and everything, but it’s nothing compared to what we [...]

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Although I never underestimated the loss of Kaboom, Benny or Ade (when he was out), Scotty is the one I have been waiting for. Never before have I had that much trust in a player after a single season for the club. I don't know how he will fit in with AVB, whether he will be first choice or not, but he is a class act IMO and his availability will be absolutely priceless.

im not sure that his presence gave the rest of the team any more confidence than they did last season. sandro does just as well chasing after the ball like a staf and he is better at playmaking than scotty - that said id sooner have either two on the pitch than livermore
Both Scotty and Dawson are throwbacks to an era where you gave your all for the club and its fans with no questions asked and no 'quid pro quo' expected. There is nothing I love watch more than Scotty haring after a ball he's given away and hunting it down relentlessly with a crunching tackle thrown in to remind the thief who he's [email protected]#king dealing with! Both he and Daws can provide a SPINE and some much-needed leadership. Give me that and you can keep your tactical nous and over-priced egomaniacs!!
It's about heart, desire, a never say die attitude and leading by example. When other teams start to turn the screw and press us, Scotty doesn't sit back and watch them attack us, hoping it comes to nothing, he'll chase down everything, pressure them and cause them problems. And as a player, you can't watch a guy on your team do all that without wanting to help him out...so, as we are pressed, we press back.
He's a better passer of the ball than people give him credit for. Id play him WITH Sandro and Dembele just in front of them... Sandro being the more advanced of the two as he doesnt mind a run at goal and a shot when the occasion takes him. That would be a midfield any oppo would struggle to deal with.

Good article by the way :parker:
It would be solid but completely blunt. Leaving us with only Bale and Ade or Defoe as goal threat, easily mitigated when there is only 2 of them.
I would expect Dembele to get more involved in around the box to provide that goal threat, especially considering he was a centre forward when he was in Holland. I just dont see anyone else that we currently have aside from Dempsey giving us that goal threat from midfield - Even Moutinho doesnt qualify for me as a goal threat. It would be a great formation to use against better sides or when you wanted to cloase a game out, would rather we played 442 against poorer sides at home though.
Dembele isnt a goal threat, never has been.

He will get the odd goal, but he isnt a consistent threat that other teams worry about
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