Winter 2013/14 Transfer Window DISCUSSION Thread

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As we only have say 20-24 games remaining I have thrown Dembele into a potential sale as he is now realistically competing with Sandro, Paulinho and Bentaleb for a starting spot with his sale of around 15mill makes good financial sense for Levy.

Sell Dembele....

Here we go again with Chadli. 7 starts and 6 short sub appearances and the player is deemed not good enough, you lot really give a guy a chance don't you?

Last I checked his last full game was the mauling against Liverpool and he was probably one of maybe two players who got some credit in that game.


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Some of you lot are so fucking simple. Calling for Sherwood out because the Daily Mail, I repeat the Daily Mail, said we are recalling Livermore. You cannot even recall a Premier League loan. Think about that level of journalism to not even fact check. Seriously discussing anything reported by the Mail should be an automatic binning.

Also we're not fucking selling Townsend to United. Have none of you ever listened to the podcast when Troy is on? FFS pull yourselves together. Some of you are embarrassing yourselves.

I think we should start a new TFC tradition on the day after the window shuts of publicly shaming people who meltdown regarding extremely dubious transfer stories. Maybe I8AVB will be available to lead the shaming of transfer melters...:adegrin2:

Seriously I can't believe some still actually believe the Mail. What could it possible take for them to do before you stop believing? What bullshit haven't they already made up?
With Tim Sherwood apparently being told by Mr Levy "that before we can buy anybody in January, we have to sell some players" (haven't we heard this sort of crap from Levy before - like in virtually every January transfer window).
Anyway putting that aside - who do you think we should sell and who should we buy ?

Livermore to Hull (he has reportedly stated that he would like to stay with them).
Naughton to anybody who wants him.
Gomes (do we still have him ?) to anybody who wants him.
Bentley (again do we still have him ?) to anybody who wants him.
Defoe to Toronto FC (seems like he has made his mind up already about going - allegedly).

Huddlestone back from Hull (should never have sold him in the first place).
Hernandez from Man Utd (he's a proven premier league goalscorer).
Buttner from Man Utd (left back cover is desperately something we need).

Assou-Ekotto back from loan at QPR.

Fredericks & Coulthurst to any top ten championship clubs (to make them that little bit better - although they are both good at the moment).

What are your opinions on who we should buy, sell or send out on loan.

How can anyone take you seriously if you don't even know whether we still have Bentley or not? Also you've sold both our backup right backs and haven't suggested we bring anyone in.
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