Winter 2013/14 Transfer Window DISCUSSION Thread

If he enjoys it and does the full term on his initial contract, and if they wanna keep him, I can see him finishing his career there. Big IFs, i know
Big Ifs seeing as madrid never keep anyone that long unless they are spanish,playing at the top of their game for years or are called ronaldo especially a british player.
I wish the lad well and hope he does well but can see him doing 2 years at most
Is it me, or have most of the papers this morning lazily gone with;
Such and Such manager/Club 'X' plan to go back in with a bid for Such and Such player 'X' from club 'X' in January
if their Summer transfer didn't materialise?

I just thank the fuck it's not "Real will return with yet another bid for Bale" bollocks all Autumn/Winter!

But anticipate; "Man Utd swoop for Real flops Bale & Modric" sometime around Spring 2014!!!!
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