Winter 2013/14 Transfer Window DISCUSSION Thread

With the £6m coming in from selling Defoe, its not impossible Levy would bring in another striker. Though as Sherwood loves the yoof, I wouldn't be surprised if Kane is 3rd choice and the money is spent on a LB instead. (did anyone catch the Levy/Baldini exchange after Rose gave away that goal against the scum?) Chances are we don't sign anyone at all, maybe a loan deal.

We got a loan deal... We got defoe from Toronto until March...
Can't see any signings this period tbh...
Don't we already have 4-5 wingers, plus players such as ceballos, falque, mcevoy?
Falque is nowhere near, although I believe mcevoy and Ceballos are exciting talents.

Would love coentrao and we should be all over it but I don't think danny will like being second choice, IMO Coentrao+Naughton>Rose+Naughton

And Ba would be good because he is quite versatile in a physical aspect, quick, strong enough and tall enough.
Probably not quite an ade or not really an soldado but should have the ability to cover for both if we persist with 4-4-2
WE AREN'T SELLING LAMELA CALM YOUR FUCKIN TITS!!!!! I swear to god it's like some of you have some sort of Spursy complex that makes you think Armageddon is nigh if one of our best players isn't being pursued in a transfer window.

Now can we PLEASE focus on these rumors of LB and striker. Kthnxbye.
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I wish I shared your confidence. I want him to stay more than anyone.

Sell Sig. Buy lb. Strikers are fine with Ade, Sold, and Kane.

EDIT: actually, just sell Sig and buy the best of what is available, regardless of position we are fine.
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