Women’s football: World Cup.

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Looking down at Woolich again
Phil Neville is worried about that game being broadcast worldwide, but he's quite happy to let his hairdye go public. Double standards.

LLB Part Deux

"The man who fucked up TFC" - Mick Cooper
Womens football is eventful for sure. Some decent skills on show, sandwiched between periods of pub team level defending. I liked Cameroon's tribute to 70's era Leeds in the 2nd half.
Ahaha, oh man, I've gotta look this up...

Fucking hell. Get back to me when there's a 13-0 win in THE WORLD CUP in the men's game, Abby.

No offence meant to our American users, but holy shit I would never stop laughing if the USWNT got tanked by someone in the knockout rounds.

As an American that wants to see us win the gold, I'm going to laugh if we do get trounced. A bit of a lesson in humility is needed I think.
Of course, nobody likes to see the Americans win at anything. Ever.

Well that's a touch hyperbolic but there aren't many American sportsmen or women that I have liked. Agassi for one, plenty in the NFL but there the rest of the world doesn't play the game anyway.
Well there's Michael Johnson... err... umm... errr


Oh yeah, Alison Stokke!

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