Worst Spurs players ever

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He was bad. We're really spoilt for choice at keeper, Kendall, Keller, Sullivan, Gomes. Even Barry Daines who was meant to be great as a youth but when he finally got in the team after Jennings left was pretty poor.
Daines was great as an under study as well.He still had his moments when he got the job,but wasn't a suitable replacement for big pat.
No shame in that though,to be fair.
I recall seeing Naughton have a shocking day against Southampton where he was so far out of his depth. Couldn't believe his errors that lead to goals, his body language was terrible.
An old scouse mate of mate of mine, always said he was MOTM when we lost to them 7-0 in 78/79 season.
He wasn't taking the piss either
I was at this game. People also tend to forget that we had three great chances to score, before their first goal. Not saying we would have won, but it might have put a slightly different slant on proceedings.
It's got to be Paulinho, especially considering the hype when we bought him.

People say Sissoko is bad...Paulinho was basically a shite version of Sissoko.
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