Would You Have Accepted a Saudi Takeover?

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Would You Have Accepted a Saudi Takeover?

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ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
As another false dawn looms - some important questions need to be raised around the moral fibre of our current owners

Simple yes or no - if Levy accepted their bid prior to Newcastle
Abandoning the club like a true moral paladin would do

Go watch non-League, etc
Our current owners are quite disgusting anyway, . Ideally we want a new owner better than the current ones or the saudis or the russian mafia or israelis or chinese , but in the absence of that, anyone who is willing to back the club properly is welcome
A few short years ago, I'd have been firmly in the "no' camp. Now, I'd accept it, albeit with a heavy heart.

The whole game is awash with wealth of questionable origin and it's pure doublethink, in my view, to criticise clubs that are funded in this way whilst at the same time insisting they pay us inflated fees for our players.

It was just a few months ago we were all demanding City pay £150m for Kane. Using their money to fund a rebuild isn't really that different in principle to having a similar type of owner.


I have only ever supported the club, not the owners. So unquestionably would still buy tickets and attend games. I probably wouldn't buy as much merch though. I admit although wold hurt the owners, it would still hurt the club.

I've never found the need to protest etc. I can only really remember the Sugar era onwards, but I would campaign vociferously to get rid of the owners. Although I doubt it would have much affect.
Is there a "maybe" option..

Come in, don't try and change us, spend money and allow the manager to run the team.. Then reduce my season ticket price by half and I am a "YES"
Right this minute, I'd take a Columbian drug lord dressed in a cape fashioned from the skin of his victims if it meant we get to spank the scum every game.
Right this minute, I'd take a Columbian drug lord dressed in a cape fashioned from the skin of his victims if it meant we get to spank the scum every game.
Jokes aside,if we want an owner that's going to make us compete and not tread water like we are at the moment,we are going to have to accept someone we don't like much. Sad but true
My answer is yes, nut them my character is such tjat I think I woupd check out.

I like the idea of winning but I like more the idea of winning with some degree of doubt about the result and because players have been bought and developed and because they really care about the club.

Its a touch idealistic on my part but if we ever won things as a result of a multi billion pound takeover I am sure I will celebrate but it won't mean as much as it would have done had we achieved it lets say during Pochettino' s reign.
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