Your favourite Spurs Premier league line up of all time

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He's the more loyal servant to the club, but he's not the better player.
Alderweireld isn't necessarily better than Vertonghen though, I would even say that Vertonghen overall has been slightly better and is more of a leader.. I would definitely pick King + Jan like many others have done as well in this thread.
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Alderweirelds 15/16 season was the best centre back year I've seen from any Spurs defender. Genuinely world class.

Can see why people would prefer Vertonghen. However this is a "Your favourite" thread and not a best ever Spurs eleven in the Premier League era thread.

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Only him and Hoddle.
It’s difficult to explain to those who didn’t see them play, and I’m not trying to belittle anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to see them live. Maybe it’s because I was a kid / teenager at the time and everything seemed to have an element of hedonism about it. Bale’s probably the closest in recent years when he did stuff like the match against Inter, when he left you scratching your head in wonder ... “Did he really just do that?...”

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Erik the Viking
Justin - Jan - Ledley - BAE
Daveed - VDV - The Moose - Lennon
Harry - Defoe

I've left out players who I felt did the dirty on us when they left - they know who they are!


An Audience with - Spurs Legends
GK - Lloris
CB - Alderweireld
CB- King
CB - Vertonghen
DM - Dembele
CM - Modric
CM - Van der Vaart
RW - Bale
LW - Ginola
ST - Kane
ST - Klinsmann

I know the 3-1-3-2-2 formation is a non-existent system in football but with an attack like that...
Walker - Vertonghen - King - Rose
Lennon - Van Der Vaart - Dembele - Ginola
Kane - Bale

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