Your most celebrated Spurs goal...?

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Has a thread like this existed before? If so please ignore / merge.

Obviously I'm not talking about 'best' goal here but I'm talking Aguero moments. Ones that due to timing, opposition, importance made you and everyone around you more mental than normal to a factor 100. The later the better...

Some from the top of my head...

Dembele - v Lyon (away) - 2012/13
Crouch - v Man City (away) - 2009/10
Nielsen - v Leicester (Wembley) - 1999/00
Kaboul - v Woolwich (away) - 2010/11
Dempsey - v Man United (home) - 2012/13
Lennon - v Woolwich (away) - 2008/09
Stalteri - v West Ham (away) - 2006/07
Klinsmann - v Liverpool (away) - 1994/95

For me it's probably Nieslen at Wembley. It was the first thing I'd ever seen us win, it was last minute, we were down to 10 men (always hate on Robbie Savage for this) and the ball hit the net right in front of me. Although we were huge favourites before the game it felt like a smash and grab from the way the game had gone.

In most recent memory obviously the Dembele goal is up there. I can't recall a time in my life where we've nicked victory from defeat like that because of the away goals rule. Watched it in a Sports Bar on City Road that turned out to full of Spurs but would have loved to have been in Lyon.

If I had to chose 2 games that I most wish I could have been at it would be Crouch v Man City, and Klinsmann v Liverpool. The chaos after those goals is off the scale IMO.

Crouch at the San Siro would be up there for me. Pure euphoria after being so proud of the lads for holding on for the draw to set us up at home. Defending against Ibra, Robinho and Pato, Charlie went off having had one of his legs kicked into the stand, then the break, the realisation that we could nick this, Lennon darting past Yepes, me screaming "SQUARE IT" then the commentator's "CROUCH!!!" and then I just went fucking mental.


Just Do It
My most celebrated goals ... well there are a few, with the most recent being Dembele's.

But the one that left most memories was a goal during last season by the great VAN DER VAART.

It was the last second goal that VDV headed in from a bale cross against Stoke City. I know that we still managed to only get a draw but the Stoke's defense was really frustrating me.

... sooooo ... when VDV scored ... I went nuts ... and broke both of my hands ... and my friends took me to the ER ... LOL

It was so painful but so funny!!! :avbcringe: :rafaaaa: :adelol:

Park Lane James

Johan Cruyff is a football genius
Everything has been topped by Dembele's goal at the Stade de Gerland - we went fucking apeshit.

If we're talking about games that I've been to - Danny Rose's goal and Peter Crouch's at Eastlands are up there
Been privileged to see many glorious moments live, but the euphoria that came after the Crouch goal in the San Siro can't be topped in my eyes for me. Or Danny Rose, the Lane was utterly mental.
Dembele this week - The Europa League means a load to me, I'd love to win it! And the way Lyon played for the 70 minutes after the goal was awful, they didn't deserve to go through. The fact it set up a re-match with Inter made it even better!

Kaboul vs Woolwich
Lennon vs Woolwich
Dempsey vs Man Utd (1-1)
Crouch vs City
Kranjcar vs Bolton (2-1, last minute winner) - we were drawing 1-1 in the 90th minute, news filtered through that Newcastle had come from 4-0 down to draw 4-4 vs Woolwich and the whole ground got a lift. Then Kranjcar smashed one in the top corner from 25 yards. I was there and went absolutely mental!
Crouch at the San Siro for me. I've only been to the lane once (Wolves1-1). I celebrated that goal maybe more than anyone around me. But I was at the Bricklayers for Crouchadinho's. Place went fucking insane, beer flying anywhere, dude in front of me took his shirt off and got on top of his chair. I started jumping up and down hugging these guys next to me. Ill never forget that night.
I'm only a young 'un, so for me the best ones are (in no specific order):

Crouch v City to secure a Champions League spot

Rose v the Scum for very obvious reasons

Crouch v Milan also for very obvious reasons

Dempsey v United (home and away)

Stalteri v West Ham

Any goal :bow: :bow: :bow: Ledley scored.

Pedro Mendes v United.

And from video footage, Gazza v the Scum and Ricky v City.
Off the top of my head:

Kaboul at Woolwich
Crouch at City
Crouch at Milan
Rose vs Woolwich
Malbranque against City in the Carling Cup to put us up 2-0
Defoe at Home to West Ham a few seasons back as it was my first game.
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