Your most celebrated Spurs goal...?

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For some reason I really, like really REALLY celebrated Saha's goal against the scum in the first 5-2. And Ade's penalty. I thought we'd batter them :harryfacepalm:
Burnley away, to make it 3-1 in the last minute of injury time and send us to the cup final

A horrible day/night, freezing cold, 3-0 down to a championship team and about to miss out on a Wembley final then we snatch a goal right at the end in front of our thousands. Never forget that night. (dunno if this can be viewed or not, can't seem to embed)
The one that finished 3-2? I remember Alnwick having a horror. Seem to remember the first leg was the game where O'Hara came on at HT all chest thumping to get us that win.


Other than those already mentioned, jenas' long range equaliser in the last minute when we drew 2-2 with the woolwich at white hart lane.

My mate and I went so nuts watching it on the tv that the next door neighbour called the police to report a domestic disturbance. We were certainly quite surprised to see plod at the door 20 minutes after full time. We had to let him in so he could check that nothing dodgy had gone on.

Pretty sure said neighbour was a gooner
Top 10 (in no particular order)

Stalteri vs West Ham
Kaboul vs Woolwich
Dempsey vs United
Lennon vs Woolwich
Crouch vs City
Crouch vs Milan
Rose vs Woolwich
Dembele vs Lyon
Woodgate vs Chelsea
Lennon v Liverpool (don't think it's been mentioned but I remember it being very late on and going nuts)
I'm not trying to be obscure on purpose, but it was up at Elland road, around 89/90, David Howells scored, then Leeds thought they'd equalised a moment later, and Gazza waltzed up the other end and made it 2-0...
For sheer, sustained 3 minutes of wild, continued celebration, that has to be up there, even if it didn't make jack shit of difference to our season!
Most recently, it has to Dembele's, just because of how Lyon were playing, I was getting so frustrated! The celebration was just part joy, part relief... I was with my girlfriend at the time, and when I saw he was about to shoot, I sat up, then it went in! Elbows were flying, I think I was at risk of knocking her out! As well as this goal, another in which I celebrated like a mad man was Aaron's leveller at Woolwich, I remember being at my mates going pure mental. His mum has always said, "you are such a laid back, quite lad, but when Spurs are on, you change." Says it all.
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