Your most celebrated Spurs goal...?

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Something a bit different - my most memorable miss and most celebrated save.

I was 7 and 5/6ths. It was a Wednesday night, it was my bedtime and my mum was nagging me to get upstairs and brush my teeth.
My Dad called me onto the settee, put his arm round me and told my mum that bedtime could wait for a bit.
I kept quite as a mouse for the next 2 hours enthralled in the action on the telly.
Then Danny Thomas missed an important penalty, but the crowd still chanted his name!
Then Tony Parks saved his final penalty and me and my Dad went fucking mental in the living room!
Spurs had just won the UEFA cup. :)

I was born Spurs and had already seen Spurs win two FA cups, but I was too young to appreciate it.
That Wednesday night put an arrow through my heart so deep, I still get a bit choked just thinking about it!
Not going to lie, it being my first game vs them lot, those 5 minuets were absolute carnage. Never collectively celebrated like that, amazing. Thought I was going to bloody die during Lennons goal and now my legs are absolutely schredded.
Great Thread

I agree with almost all the suggestions, but a couple of older ones

Ossie Ardiles goal at Old Trafford in 3rd round FA Cup Final replay to win it 0-1

Don Mcallister's goal v Bolton in old Division 2 1978, Bolton were our big rivals for promotion (along with Southampton and Brighton) the 1-0 win in front of over 50,000 fans at WHL was crucial.

Hoddle's goal of the season to beat Notts Forest 1-0 in 1981:

And for sheer genius (but not an important goal) Hoddle volley vs Man U in 1979



'you middle class out of touch cunt!'
Still Ricky Villa....

Oh and a special mention for this one...

His final goal at White Hart Lane,

and i'll just leave this here... (need to skip to 43:10) thought the tube was going to derail on the way back due to the jumping up and down

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Depsite just being a Europa League Last 32 game, the 3rd goal vs Dnipro was genuinely right up there. 1-0 down and out, the other team were a bunch of pricks, 1882 game, the block went absolutely mental.


Burnley away, to make it 3-1 in the last minute of injury time and send us to the cup final

A horrible day/night, freezing cold, 3-0 down to a championship team and about to miss out on a Wembley final then we snatch a goal right at the end in front of our thousands. Never forget that night.

That was mental. I remember Owen Coyle applauding our fans as he walked off which was big of him considering what had just happened.
Burnley away in the cup really was special. But my fav was without doubt Woodgates in the 2008 carling cup final. Imagine if Harry Kane's header went in on Thursday night we would have gone absolutely radio, still a great trip nonetheless.
Dembele v Lyon and Bale v Spam stick out immediately, but i'm gonna throw in a slightly different one:

Pavlyuchenko for 3-1 against Inter at the Lane.

I think maybe because I was there, but also because I think for me that was the "fuck, we have a terrifying team here, this could be the start of something beautiful" realisation, as well as witnessing Bale's absolute magic and just knowing it was going in from the second he hammered it past Maicon.

Just found a video of it. Fuck. Bale, Van der Vaart and Modric; those days seem a long way gone.
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