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We've got either Nottingham Forest or Huddersfield away if we win tonight. If we win that we could face either Woolwich/Port Vale/Everton/Norwich/Birmingham at home.
What a night!

So many funny songs I couldn't get close to listing them all now. Literally laughed as much as I sung!

"Who's the wanker on the cock"
"he couldn't score in a brothel", followed by "that's because he's underage".


Shelfside Chris - what a legend!

I don't even know what his name is, but that "Ononoma do do do do do" song was fantastic!
I only have one criticism. You all said Block 10,so I get tickets in block ten. Only to be stuck away from the main singing. I tried by best to stay involved though. You lot ignoring my return of the shac song was poor form as well.

All in all a bloody good night though. We are the Tottenham,north London's number one,has to be started at league games now.


Who on here were the two lads next to me? Was sitting near them on the train back to Liverpool Street too. Made me laugh that when we were just pulling into Liverpool Street one of you said "shit we were meant to get off at Seven Sisters" - that's only 6 stops before Liverpool Street :avbfacepalm:

Poor quality, but you get a feel of the atmosphere:
Were they with an old git in a black coat? I sorted them an alternative route to Waterloo......
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