Zlatan Ibrahimovic...

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I quite like Zlatan the man doesn't give a fuck, he talks the talk but he also walked the walk fair play to him the man is a natural born winner.

He and Ronaldo the last of the era that peaked in the 90s, big personalities big egos that get out there and win games

Now left with a bunch of millennials who never rock the boat and read from pre prepared statements, boring as fuck

All the goals that Salah and Aguero have scored, nobody has heard them speak, cardboard

At least Zlatan gives us a reason to watch a game


Where I lived as a kid backed onto a disused railway line that separated our back garden from the local Grammar school. Just over the storm ditch which ran between the railway and the school was a line of mature conker trees. They used to get a battering every year from the local kids.

One year a group from further down on the council estate came along and climbed the trees and shook them clean. Me and a mate went over armed with a few sticks to chuck up found a carpet of conkers laying on the floor. Unaware that they were the bounty of someone else's hard work we hoovered up as many as we could carry and took them back to my garden. Needless to say the council hards didn't take long to discover the whereabouts of the haul, and after a decent negotiation we had to surrender most of the shiny brown treasure back to them.

Nowadays we have a huge conker tree in our back garden and my girls have never shown the slightest interest in the fruit. Bloody wasted.


Carpe Diem
He would only ever go back to Utd I think, it would totally satisfy that massive ego "The prodigal son returns to save the day" headlines.
Saying that I am a great admirer of him as a footballer, he talks the talk but he also walks the walk, his career stats are testament to that.


Carpe Diem
A bit harsh on Aguero and Salah.

But the points on this thread about an absolute egomaniac are correct.

Big mouth, big head, pain in the arse of course but nobody can doubt he has been right up there.

And even today if he were in our squad or United's both would be in a much better state, with a few players from both teams told some real home truths.
Often think though that it's that attitude which makes them the players they are. Superbly gifted but with an arrogant self confidence in their abilities. They have a swagger about them that subconsciously demands top performances in order to survive. I think possibly unknowingly they mentally force themselves to give of their best in order to maintain and feed their massive egos. Ronaldo and Zlatan being two perfect examples.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
It wouldn't be boring, that's for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if some bigwig at amazon would think it was a great idea to add more drama to the documentary!
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