Guest Posts

19th March 2018

No Kane, No Gain?

So we’ve lost Harry Kane to another ankle injury; on come the inevitable goads from opposing fans of “your season is over” and “you’re nothing without Kane”, after all we are “The Harry Kane Team” aren’t we? If you had told me in September that we’d lose the man who had just had a record breaking month and be without him for possibly over 6 weeks then I too would have been worried, but watching us dispatch of Bournemouth without him settled any initial nerves I may have had about our ability to compete with and ultimately beat the team’s... Read more »

9th March 2018

Best Places for Families to Bond: Football Matches

Research suggests that 75% of parents believe that football games are one of the best places to bond with their children. Almost 50% of these families said they were able to talk about hard topics like school results and viewpoints about life, while going to sporting events, a study implemented by control firm E.ON found. Approximately 65% of parental guardians addressed, went to weekly football games joined by their children, with only 12% saying they never took their daughters or sons to a game. The study of 2,955 adults, additionally uncovers the positive effect watching a game can have on... Read more »

7th March 2018

What lesson can financial specialists get from Gareth Bale?

Tottenham Hotspur has sold its key player, Gareth Bale, to Real Madrid for a breaking record €100m. Indeed, even in the prodigal universe of first class football, that is an amazing total of cash. Exactly what amount is outlined by Tottenham purchasing seven players, for about a similar measure of cash, to substitute him. In spite of the fact that Bale was brilliant last season, Spurs realized that the gift of one player is so tenuous. So notwithstanding watching their best player withdraw, huge numbers of the club’s fans are satisfied with the club’s exchange deal. There are analogies in... Read more »

5th March 2018

Moussa Sissoko and the Importance of Substitutes

Moussa Sissoko is not, and probably will never be, the kind of player from the current Tottenham’s squad who is at the centre of everyone’s attention or will arouse the greatest emotions. However, discarding his involvement in the team’s overall performance would be unfair, especially when every helping hand on deck is appreciated, and there many smaller parts to be played throughout the season. He serves his purpose well. Photo by KamHeadley, CC BY-SA 4.0 It is true that many Spurs fans expected much more from Moussa. The club executives put a high price on the table when signing the... Read more »

2nd March 2018

Finishing Above Chelsea Would Be Huge For Spurs

The race for the top four is intensifying with ten games to go. Everyone below City has resigned themselves to the fact that they won’t win the league, whilst anyone as far back as fifth can finish second. The logjam behind City has built up and it’s all to play for. Reigning champions Chelsea currently find themselves outside of the coveted top four. Spurs are keeping Chelsea at bay as the Wembley side sit fourth. Only two points separate them after Chelsea lost to Manchester United. There is a feeling that it will be a fight between these two. It... Read more »

27th February 2018

Can Spurs win the Champions League?

After finishing fifth, third and second in the table during Mauricio Pochettino’s first three seasons in charge, Spurs fans were hoping that this could be the year that their team finally topped the Premier League and lifted the famous trophy. It hasn’t quite worked out like that. While it is still technically possible that Spurs could catch runaway leaders Manchester City, it doesn’t seem all that likely. City went into the final round of league fixtures in February with a 20-point lead over Tottenham, with three other clubs – Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool – all better placed to challenge... Read more »

26th February 2018

Football’s Rich Will Continue to Get Richer

Paris Saint-Germain smashed the world transfer record to sign Neymar from Barcelona in the summer of 2017. The French outfit also spent heavily to secure the signature of Kylian Mbappe from Monaco, although the transfer will not be made permanent until the end of the campaign. The moves have allowed Unai Emery’s men to regain their stranglehold of Ligue 1 after losing out on the crown last season to Monaco. PSG also eased through to the first knockout round of the Champions League. Their efforts were matched in England by Manchester City and Manchester United, while Chelsea and Liverpool also... Read more »

20th February 2018

Can Spurs still win the cup?

Tottenham once again embarrassed themselves by drawing with lower league opposition in the FA Cup when they were held by Rochdale this weekend. The 2-2 draw with the League One side followed last month’s 1-1 away at Newport of League Two, and in both instances Mauricio Pochettino fielded a pretty strong team. Firstly, it accentuates long-held fears about the weakness of this squad beyond the main starting 11. But does it also expose a worrying complacency against the smaller clubs that could hamper Spurs’ chances in the Premiership? There are mitigating circumstances behind the 2-2 draw against a team plying... Read more »