Guest Posts

11th August 2017

New blood needed?

The transfer window is open. Quite possibly the most exciting time for any enthusiastic football fan. You might see your favourite players leave, you may see some of your favourite players join your club and if you’re lucky you may see your rivals get weaker as they lose all of their key players. As a Tottenham fan, we’ve felt all of these emotions. We’ve seen the likes of Bale, Modric, Van der vaart and even Berbatov leave our club. All highly regarded players and masters of their respective positions. We’ve seen new talent join and make a lasting impression. such... Read more »

26th July 2017

The three positions Spurs must fill this transfer window

Whilst the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United have been throwing their money around like confetti at a wedding this summer, Tottenham have so far kept their powder dry on the transfer front. Whether this is down to the cost of building their new stadium, Daniel Levy keeping a tight hold of the purse strings in an inflated market or Mauricio Pochettino not wanting to upset the balance of his squad is open to debate. Whatever the real reason behind this lack of activity, however, two or three fresh faces would certainly be welcomed by the supporters as they look... Read more »

21st June 2017

Size Matters – Adjusting to Playing at Wembley

Times they are a changing, but are they changing too fast? While the move to Wembley for home games next season will no doubt be good for the club’s coffers, could the change have a detrimental effect on the team? Let’s consider the facts. West Ham’s troubles at the Olympic Stadium are plain for all to see (and rather pleasant to witness), but before we laugh too hard at their (fully deserved) fall from a temporary grace, let’s just ponder our own fortunes. You see, it’s not just karma that got to West Ham for pulling off the stadium scam... Read more »

15th June 2017

Travel to Wembley next season

We all know that getting to Wembley next season is going to be a bit of a hassle, especially if you live in the Hertfordshire/Essex area. Zeelo are running direct executive coaches straight to the ground for every game from 8 locations in the Hertfordshire/Essex area from only £10 return a game! The alternatives are the train or driving, but the train is expensive and you’ll have to go into London, across on a tube and then out again to Wembley and no one wants to drive and park at Wembley! With Zeelo, you get a comfortable, executive coach. You... Read more »

29th May 2017

White Hart Lane: Goodbye and Thanks

All good things come to an end… and so it is with White Hart Lane. Even Wikipedia has been updated already to read: “White Hart Lane was the home of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in the Premier League from 1899 to 2017 and had a capacity of 36,284”. ‘Was’ and ‘had’ of course being the key words now, past tense and all that. It’s a bit sad – correction it’s very sad, depending on your point of view – and a part of me can’t help but think of the song, “You know I just can’t smile without you…” Pass the tissues please! We’ve... Read more »

24th May 2017

Plenty in reserve

I want to go back to a point in the season when we managed three wins in a week…. with no Kane, no Dembele, no Dier and no Rose. A few years ago how confident would we have been that a trip to Middlesbrough without King, Keane, Modric and Bale would not have ended in anything other than defeat. Mauricio Pochettino started his Spurs career by improving the first eleven, it was apparent until last year he did not truly know who his first eleven was and from game to game we would wait at the Lane for the Twitter... Read more »

22nd May 2017

Five Players Tottenham Need to Sign to Finally Earn their Premier League Spurs

Perception is a funny old business. According to the inarticulate masses, Tottenham somehow ‘bottled’ their assault at the Premier League title for a second season in a row. The 0-1 defeat at West Ham was endemic of their lack of intestinal fortitude, apparently, and symptomatic of a team who will never fulfil their potential due to a lack of character. What hokum. Never mind that Chelsea’s final points tally of 93 would be good enough to win the Premier League crown for the past six seasons in a row, or that Spurs’ haul of 86 is the highest recorded by... Read more »