This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.

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22nd June 2012 | Podcast

#46 Does AVB leave you with a Blancety Blanc?

Harry Redknapp, thank you and goodbye. This is the emergency broadcast episode of The Fighting Cock podcast. We discuss: Where did it all go wrong? Levy’s choice The cull The potential replacement(s) AVB, Moyes Tim Sherwood Director of football Short term long term Summer transfer window Everyone in da house: Flav, Spooky, tehtrunk, Ricky, Thelonious, Chicago Dan and engineer Al. Love the shirt. http://itunes.thefightingcock.co.uk/podcasts/website_download/53.mp3#46 Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss the episode on the forum.

25th May 2012 | Podcast

#44 Last. Episode. Ever.

No running order this week. Windy sent the podcast file over with this message: Hi, Windy here again this time with the final episode (number 44) of The Fighting Cock. On this weeks podcast; My youth update, which looks at our young players and players out on loan. Everything else is filler. If you’re interested in more on young players follow me on twitter @WindyCOYS, that’s COYS for Come on you Spurs. Love the Windy. Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss the episode on the forum.

18th May 2012 | Podcast

#43 We’re in the Champions League final

This is Episode 43. We’ve got a new mic. We’ve got Gary Mabbutt. We’ve got heated debate. We’ve even got a scuffle. It’s The Fighting Cock. Last weeks ep was meant to be the penultimate but thanks to the seasons extension we’re making this one the penultimate and next weeks the finale. What have we got then? Bare bravado. The running order is something like this: (Part 1) Fulham at the Lane and last day of season story arcs. Mind the gloat. Rickipedia. The meaning of Bayern Munich v Chelsea. A drum update. Windy tornadoes knowledge the size of a... Read more »

11th May 2012 | Podcast

#42 A Royale With Cheese

Episode 42. The penultimate show. Bolton joy. Villa post-mortem. Redknapp dithering on the sidelines. Martin Jol. The various permutations of the final day. Rose and Benny Twitter abuse. Walker the real deal. Features: Rickipedia. Windy loans his knowledge of yoof. And the grand return of Nanaylsis. It’s more messy than a boozed up Phil Mitchell on crack. Love the shirt. Court jesters: Flav, Spooky, Ricky, tehTrunk, Thelonious, Chicago Dan… and Engineer Al. [box type=”note[/linequote]End of season FC Bash: 12th May, 3pm @ Camden Head (in Camden obviously) http://itunes.thefightingcock.co.uk/podcasts/website_download/48.mp3#42 Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss the episode on... Read more »

4th May 2012 | Podcast

#41 Holograms and Jaffa cakes

Episode 41. Easing past Blackburn, Sandro the sick Brazilian beast, Park Lane in-fighting, Redknapp tears and Hodgson and the England job, Rick Rick Rickipediaaaaaaaaa, Villa away, Windy blowing the house down to reveal little piglets of youth knowledge, bush, mental Genoa, White Hart lane holograms, Meat Men News and Jaffa cakes. It’s tighter than a very tight wet t-shirt on a tight chest. Love the shirt. Smooth criminals: Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Chicago Dan…and Engineer Al. [box type=”note[/linequote]End of season FC Bash: 12th May, 3pm @ Camden Head (in Camden obviously) http://itunes.thefightingcock.co.uk/podcasts/website_download/47.mp3#41 Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss... Read more »

27th April 2012 | Podcast

#40 Gin N No Juice, lol

Episode 40. The number on the back of Steven Pienaar when he was at Spurs and probably the same amount of minutes he played for us. Bill Kenwright talks exclusively to a cab driver in London thinking ‘this will never find its way onto the internet’ not knowing said cab driver has connections with the FC team. We’ve got some unspectacular ITK on the player. We’ve also got some disgruntlement thanks to the rather unspectacular performance at QPR. Also on this ep we rant about the continuing lack of vocal support (even at away games) with the pressures of success... Read more »

20th April 2012 | Podcast

#39 Green Man to green faced

Episode #39 and the original team are all back together for the first time in a while to drown their sorrows in another Tottenham capitulation of epic catastrophe. We dissect: That semi-final, the pre-match build up at The Green Man, ghost goal, no red card for Cech. Chelsea fans are scum. Drum update and the wedge between club and fans. The Y word. We preview our plans. QPR. Extortionate tickets. Taarabt. Must win. Again. Has the Jan window proved costly? Do we have the right to be angry? And the greatest competition question of all time. We’ve also got Rickipedia... Read more »

13th April 2012 | Podcast

#38 Another brick in the wall

Considering the depression off the back of the Easter games you’d think this particular episode (#38) of The Fighting Cock would be one of misery. It’s not. We are pulsating and marauding down the left flank with beastly rampage rather than lost roaming through the middle with the look of a rabbit in the headlights. This week we’ve got: Dan the Drum guests, as we look at the ‘bring back the drum’ crusade along with the appalling atmosphere at the Lane. We’ve all got a semi for the FA Cup in yet another Wembley appearance. Rickipedia astounds once more with... Read more »