This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.

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6th April 2012 | Podcast

#37 Niall Quinn, Argentina’s best player

This is episode 37 and may God have mercy on our sorry souls. I’ll be upfront with you. It’s an abomination of unprofessional anchoring and flaky football chat sprinkled with a variety of nonsensical stories and weak excuses for banter. It’s a mess. Oh but what a beautiful mess it is. Anyways, good luck getting through this one. We’ve got Danny Rose, the greatest letter ever, Swansea and Rodgers, Sunderland and Norwich, questions from the depths of social media, Meat Men update, Chicco tales, hating the scum, Windy and the yoof team and Rickipedia. No Engineer Al (sent to Coventry)... Read more »

30th March 2012 | Podcast

#36 Wazungu

This is episode 36 of the glorious Fighting Cock podcast, ‘The Dean Richards episode’. We’ve tinkered with the line-up this week due to injuries and suspensions. Spooky, Chicago Dan and tehTrunk are out of the squad. Bare bones? Not quite. 1950s round of applause for comedian Dan Louw and his compardre Tim Grigg, both of Away Days fame (youtube it). What we got this week? Deano’s best bits (including his ears), the demolishment of Bolton in the Cup and the annoyance of Bogdan, another BAE love-in and we reveal the beating heart of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. We look back... Read more »

23rd March 2012 | Podcast

#35 The Spirit of Hossam Ghaly

Episode 35 of The Fighting Cock is dedicated to the swift recovery of both Oliver Modeste and Fabrice Muamba. This week we look back at the abandoned cup tie against Bolton. The potential for Chelsea at Wembley in the semi. The drum crusade. The mic crusade. International fan of mystery – whaaaa? Stoke predictions (should be a bundle of laughs this considering the game has been and gone and it was rubbish). We look ahead to the Chelsea defeat with a preview. Windy commands another carpet bombing of knowledge napalm on the yoof team. Not literally bombing them, the bombing... Read more »

16th March 2012 | Podcast

#34 Unleashing hell… blindfolded

Oh look, it’s us again. Big whoop for ep 34. O drum, drum! Wherefore art thou drum? We talk up the crusade to get the Shelf Side drummer back in the stands. An update on another crusade, this one to get the Fighting Cock emblem tattooed on Chicago Dan’s bum to raise money for a new mic. We do football as well. Our third successive sobbing on the trot (wherefore art thou three points?). Bolton in the cup for Tottingham. Stoke under the lights. We then tackle knee-jerking with two feet, studs up. We’ve also got questions via the forum... Read more »

9th March 2012 | Podcast

#33 We won the league in black and white

It’s episode 33 (all hail Jurgen Klinsmann!) We’ve got Rob White on the show which means we talk about his legendary father John White, that 1961 double winning side, the 2-3-5 formation and Cliff Jones v Gareth Bale. Then we suffer the second post mortem on the trot, thanks to getting beat by those b*stards Man Utd. Is freak of nature Ledley King turning mortal? We don’t talk about Stevenage. We do preview the MUST WIN BIGGEST GAME EVER DO OR DIE trip away to Everton…is that a season derailment alarm ringing in our ears? We lighten the mood with... Read more »

2nd March 2012 | Podcast

#32 I’m all over it now

It’s Episode 32. The one after episode 31. Which was the one previewing the ‘you know what game I’m referring too but let’s not mention it out loud’. We kick off with some BAE loving (it is ep ’32’ after all). Rickipedia makes its d├ębut and you shall be informed. We preview the Man Utd game in a far more subdued manner than the game we previewed last episode (because predicting a devastating win obviously doesn’t work and just jinxes it) which leads onto Bale and the left and the centre and predictions. Stevenage in the Cup. Horse slobber. Shapes.... Read more »

25th February 2012 | Podcast

#31 Believe. Belong. Be Spurs.

It’s Episode 31. It’s the North London Derby special. We’ve got guests, some Swedish blokes from some major Swedish newspaper filming the pod for a documentary about English football fans. We done club and country proud. POTW result, Marcus (one of the Swedish blokes) sits in and talks about how Spurs are perceived in Sweden, we gloss over Stevenage, we talk about our worst moments against the scum, our general over-confidence about the game, then we ask what we’d do if they didn’t exist, we talk about the Ultras away at The Valley, a soul destroying twist in the return... Read more »

17th February 2012 | Podcast

#30 The Galvanisation

Shout outs and bobble hats. It’s messy. But it’s not Lionel. It’s episode 30. It’s got a bird on it. A proper one. All gets a bit loud early on so don’t get too scared. We bring it down to a calm controlled level and tittle tattle on Tottenham (for about five seconds). We get all loved up on Adebayor and old man Saha in the aftermath of the flawless Newcastle performance. We ask if Harry was subtly reminded of what he will lose if he takes the England job. Talking of which, we sneak in an anti-England rant and... Read more »