7th March 2018

Silverware, Success & Sanity

As fans we long for silverware but is progression just as important? 78Spur from our forum wants a cup like the rest of us but the game has changed.

29th December 2017


Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the big picture, 78Spur from our forum adds some context to Spurs current situation.

11th September 2012

Levy – Hero or Villain?

The Football Chairman is a precarious position to hold. They are ultimately responsible for all failures and very little of the success that a football club may behold. Look at the reign of Alan Sugar. His time at the club will be seen as mixed blessings: While off the pitch he saved the club from the nightmarish Irving Scholar, on the pitch sustained success never really appeared. If you are a chairman you can rarely be perceived as an all round good guy. Recently some fans have made their feelings known about Daniel Levy, that he has been bad for... Read more »

3rd July 2012

To Be or To Not AVB…

Right now we have no manager, the touted press conference today where Andre Villas Boas sets out his game plan is yet to happen, we just have been told by ‘In The Knows’, with varying degrees of credibility that he is the man to take the over the reigns at White Hart Lane. This appeared to be gospel that at 10am this morning he was meant to have had his press conference announcing his tenure at the club… maybe I missed that! But let’s suppose that everyone has it right and we decide to take on the young Portuguese manager,... Read more »

26th June 2012

Fingers Crossed

Context is a killer because in 10 years time people will look back upon the Redknapp era and say, ‘Why? Why would you get rid of a man who took you in the champions league and got a lowest league finish of fifth?’ Now, thanks to The Fighting Cock podcast, you will see a host of reasons why perhaps the results alone are not the whole story. But then, take another step further back, in recent history the only managers to win proper silverware for us are Juande Ramos and George Graham, now, as a Spurs fan I don’t look... Read more »