David Patten

18th September 2017

Making a habit of coming up short

After another disappointing result in our temporary home, David Patten sees similar traits in the current squad as teams in the past.

5th December 2013

Things I Think I Know

After being stuck in a snowstorm David Patten takes inspiration from celebrated sports journalist Peter King and thinks about things he thinks he knows.

14th November 2013

A Long Distance Relationship

I double checked, no triple checked the kick-off time. Twelve noon. What? That’s 5 am Denver, Colorado time. I duly set my alarm for 04:30. My wife asked why I simply couldn’t record it and watch it later. I smiled condescendingly. She’s American. I endured the game downstairs on my laptop with various mugs of strong coffee, wondering why Erik Lamela was back on the bench and stewing at Tim Krul’s timing; I mean, wouldn’t the Geordies have preferred the best game of his career to have be against Sunderland? Somewhere around 7 am I could’ve slinked back into bed sulking, but... Read more »