10th June 2013

Memory Lane

My father first took me to White Hart Lane, the world famous home of the Spurs, when I was four. I spent most of the game curled up asleep in his lap, so remember little about it. The loud, aggressive, sometimes frightening atmosphere of English football in the early ‘80s isn’t an ideal place for a child to nap but, from my first game, The Lane had become a second home. I belonged there. As I grew, I fell in love with the area that surrounds the ground as well. After leaving university I moved to a flat in Lordship... Read more »

17th January 2013

Time to Act

I hate Arsenal, but for the first time in my life I feel sorry for their fans. Their club, much like ours, is holding them hostage and demanding a ransom that for many has long since been unpayable. All football fans, from the League Two upwards are paying ticket prices that are unreasonable as they are offensive. It’s easy to blame football players because they’re paid an enormous amount for what they do, and to be fair, very few people on this planet can play at that level. It’s easy to blame the Premier League for creating a brand that... Read more »

11th January 2013

Ashley Theophane – ‘I’d fight 100 duck-sized horses’

Ashley Theophane is a professional boxer who has won three championship titles over two weight divisions. He has been British, IBO International and Global Boxing Council champion. He occasionally works on BoxNation as a TV pundit, and he is currently an ambassador for Ted Baker, Wellman and NRG Fuel. But most importantly Ashley Theophane is a Tottenham fan. The Fighting Cock spent spent some time trading blows with the puncher from Paddington. Why boxing? I used to watch boxing with my father. And I just enjoyed it as a kid. I went down to the Al stars boxing gym one... Read more »

17th December 2012

Be Patient and Prosper: The Key to Glory

This article was first published by our friends over at Football Scores – please click here to see what they’re all about Harry Redknapp was a good manager for Tottenham Hotspur. At times during his three year tenure we played some of the best football I’ve ever seen from a Spurs side. We had Bale marauding down the left (mostly) and Lennon tearing it up down the right. in the middle we had Modric controlling the game like few other players on the world stage managed to do. He had a magnificent side to work with, so it’s plain to... Read more »

29th November 2012

Defoe. Time to change.

This article was originally published over at http://www.footballscores.com/  At the beginning of the season I wrote an article on how the modern game of football has passed Jermain Defoe by. My argument was that a player of his style and stature just isn’t cut out to lead the forward line as a lone striker. To a certain extent I was right, but he hasn’t been nearly as ineffective as I thought he might be. Andre Villas-Boas is obviously better placed to make an assessment on Defoe’s ability than I – and he believes in the pocket dynamo. Defoe, well he’s... Read more »