Jimmy Riggle

3rd May 2017 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

Glory and Sorrow. The final North London Derby at old White Hart Lane

As he witnessed the game that finally confirmed that North London is ours, Jimmy Riggle has mixed emotions on his final trip to the old White Hart Lane.

12th June 2013 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Memories of White Hart Lane

The off season. For most of us it’s a time of fervent transfer speculation and endless fretting about losing our star players. For others, like myself, it’s a time to reflect on the season gone by and to re-evaluate whether our crazy, destructive relationship with this club we love is worth the money, the time and the severe heart palpitations. When I heard on their recent podcast episode that the good men of The Fighting Cock team were looking for stories and reflections on the impact of Tottenham Hotspur and, more specifically, White Hart Lane on our lives, it got... Read more »

14th August 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Football. An Existential Crisis.

Whilst watching the Community Shield game on Sunday I had a strange, sour feeling towards the whole affair which spread to thoughts on football in general. It probably didn’t help that the game was being contested by two of the most repulsive clubs in the country/the world, but it was the fan’s behaviour that I found somewhat depressing. Throughout the game there was constant swearing, abuse, booing of the ref and obnoxious, irritating chants from both sets of fans. Typical Chelsea/City fans. But then we’re no different really. Ok, it may just be a side effect of watching a truly... Read more »