Tom Hayward

15th February 2018

‘But What Have They Won?’

It's the query that loudly follows us around social media after another excellent performance. Tom Hayward wonders if this is the question they should be asking though.

15th August 2014

Anything can happen, but we’d prefer if it didn’t

Television channels that have thrown billions of pounds at the Premier League tell us 'anything can happen this year' but is this really true? Tom Hayward examines what he really wants and what he expects from this season,

30th May 2014

The forgotten blog of 2012

Some where next to Ricky's to-do list and Flav's "How to change the world brain storm" a blog sat untouched for nearly two years. Tom Hayward's passionate words, criminally, never saw the light of day, but here they are, better late than never. Has anything changed since August 2012? Football moves on, but has Spurs?