Will Colwell

5th January 2016

The new stadium and my father’s axe

Haringey Council’s Planning Sub-Committee has confirmed what we already knew, that the new stadium is officially coming. Will Colwell takes a look at why this is a good thing, and why it isn't the end of our history.

2nd October 2015

Eric Dier, midfielder

Will Colwell takes a look at everyone's favourite Portuguese Englishman.

4th August 2015

Clearing but not replacing deadwood

Will Colwell takes a look at the reshaping that has taken place at Spurs this summer and asks the question: "Are we stronger for it?"

16th June 2015

Harry Kane will never be worth £50m again

Will Colwell takes at look at the star of last season, Harry Kane, and discusses whether or not selling him now for maximum value is in our best interest.

3rd November 2014

I want players that love the shirt

After Mason and Kane impressed again on the weekend, Will Colwell looks at what sets them apart from the magnificent seven.

31st October 2014

Forget the league, let’s win a cup

Is it time to stop worrying about the league and concentrate on the glory a cup victory can bring? As things stand, Will Colwell is tired of aiming for "4th best" and wants us to focus our efforts elsewhere.

4th August 2014

The stat is more powerful than the sword

Stats, heat mats, percentages and completions. This is how modern football chooses to communicate with the masses, but what exactly to they mean? Chadli is more effective than Sanchez? Senderos is better than Barkley? Stats are a powerful weapon and they need handling with care. Will Colwell returns and examines the jargon.

25th July 2014

The madness of the transfer window

Will Colwell makes his début on The Fighting Cock by examining the madness that sweeps over the media and the majority of football fans every summer.