Is this the Tottenham Whisper?

by The Fighting Cock


Masses of thanks to Simon B for this email that goes some way to perhaps giving us an indication of what the Tottenham Whisper is all about. If you’re wondering yourself, check out Episode 4 of The Fighting Cock podcast and ‘The Tottenham Miscellany’ by Martin Cloake and Adam Powley.

First up great work on the podcasts. I have garnered many a strange look while grinning to myself when listening to them through headphones about the town.

I admit to being a bit late to the Fighting cock Podcast Party, only starting to listen from Podcast 10

I have since downloaded them all from number 1 and have been listening to them retrospectively.

I’m currently on number 5 and its an odd feeling listening to you lot predicting things like the goonerscum going out of Europe to Udinese or the ‘real’ Spurs turning up at Man city at the weekend, knowing full well what really happened.

On the subject of Podcast 5, I may be able to shed some light on the Tottenham Whisper. (If I find out you’ve covered this in Podcasts 6 – 10 I’ll gladly take the egg facial).

This memory is hazy as its from something my late granddad once told me. Apparently back in the day there was some kind of dig made at us spurs fans for the manner of our support during the games. We apparently out shouted, sung and cheered the oppositions fans so extensively that they actually criticised us for being too raucous (Un gentlemanly behaviour old boys and all that) . Apparently someone from our club responded by saying something along the lines of, “Suck it up numptys, we were only whispering” (or whatever the 19th century equivalent would have been).

So it was as Flav or Spooky said in the podcast, actually a tongue in cheek “whisper”, in that even by whispering, our support drowns out the opposition.

Anyway, I’m about 9 podcasts late on this but nevermind.

Looking forward to the next Podcast.


Simon B @misterIx

PS Love to your Mothers x x


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