I would sell Van der Vaart for £15m would you?

by The Fighting Cock


I expect to get plenty of negative rep for this but I’ll say it all the same. It’s a good conversation starter if nothing else.

If in the summer we could sell Rafa for £15m I’d do it. This isn’t based on us actively going into the market trying to sell him and I don’t expect for one second anyone to inquire about him (ask yourself why) but let’s just say hypothetically speaking someone did and there was a £15m offer on the table would you sell?

By that time he’ll be 29 (and a half), have 2 years left on his contract and who knows how many more injury problems. He’s shown us a lot of things in this 18 months at the club, not least some of the sexiest football I’ve seen at WHL in years but I’m starting to see why Real Madrid didn’t want him and more importantly I’m starting to wonder if as a team we’ve started to outgrow him.

Just like we did with Palacios before him (not comparing the two, just the situation) has this team now gone from relying on a player to them being almost surplus to requirements in a short space of time because of a vast improvement?

What made me think this was last night as I was watching Sky and they mentioned they had news of a worrying spurs injury. I instantly worried about Bale, then Modric, then Parker, then Adebayor. Before I could get there, they said it was vdV and I simply thought, “oh well, not as bad as I thought”. This time last year he was first on the team sheet and without him we thought we were doomed. This year there could be arguments put forward that Friedel, King, Kaboul, Walker, Benny, Lennon, Parker, Modric, Bale and Adebayor are ALL more important to the club at the moment whether that’s because of form in the case of some or lack of cover as is the case with others.

I’m not going to go into what sort of signal it would give off to other players if we sold him because personally I don’t believe he’s in the same league as Modric but I do agree it would probably not look great unless we’d already bought in some quality replacements that would mean everyone could see the writing on the wall for vdV, but lets say we got £15m for him. That pays for most of the Remy deal to be completed and means we can still use the £25m or so we’ve got available for a replacement, another striker or improvements in other areas.

Anyway, neg rep away.

From @drwinston001 on the forum.


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