Ohtaek, South Korea

by The Fighting Cock


Greetings to The Fighting Cock!

Hi lads, this is Ohtaek Kwon(read O-TEK) from South Korea, Seoul. Just wanted take part in the International Spurs fans of mystery.

I’ve been a YID since 1998 and have lived in England for about 12 years. I’ve visited the Lane 20 times and went to two away games during 2008-2011.

I’m also the administrator of an Korean Spurs Fans Forum called “We Are Tottenham: 100% SPURS FANS IN COREA” of Daum Communications.

1,500 members and the numbers are going up like crazy!! (probably about 10 gooner scums and chelsea c*nts sneaked in cos they show up only when spurs lose and try to ruin the spirit by talking sh*t.)

Korea co-hosted the Worldcup in 2002 with Japan and Korean football fans got to know Robbie Keane who played well in the tournament.

Keano is without a doubt the spark of creating Korean spurs fans and then Youngpyo Lee’s move boosted it. Also, the 2005 Peace Cup Korea which Tottenham took part in was a great event for the Korean fans.

After Youngpyo Lee left the club, Spurs fans didn’t increase but when we played in the Champions League and Bale demolished Inter Milan new fans started to show up! and it’s been increasing since!!

As far as I know only the people from ‘WAT:100% SPURS FANS IN COREA FORUM‘ get together to watch Spurs games. Once every other month we have a regular gathering and about 15-20 Yids attend. Other Forum administrators and I book a pub where they have big screens and are willing to show football games. Premier League football is shown on TV on channel SBS ESPN so if Spurs game is on, no problem. But if it’s a scumchester UTD or baby-eating gooners game then we have to book a pub where they internet connection with the screen so we can watch it via online stream.

We went to a Sports Pub called ‘King’s Tap’ and watched two games but lost both conceding 5 goals, City and Arsenal game this season.

We decided to burn down the place If we lose in the next visit. We have discussions and chats everyday at the forum and especially on match days it gets intense.

Anyway it is great to be a part of TheFightingCock, a big thank you from Seoul. COYS!


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