Scott, USA

by The Fighting Cock



First of all I want to thank you idiots for doing what you do. It means a lot especially for someone that isn’t in the UK to feel the true passion and love for our glorious club. I know I do not have the heritage and background you all have when it comes to worshiping Tottenham Hotspur but I am clamoring to catch up. The podcast gives me some mates to listen to and enjoy some banter and dick jokes about Spurs. I love you guys almost as much as I love the shirt and thankful you guys get drunk and yell sh*t into a microphone while taking turns on tehTrunk’s momma.

I have yet to watch a game with other true, hardcore fans but through twitter I have met a few in the area and I look forward to it. Also my lady and I will be coming to London next season for game at the glorious White Hart Lane and I hope to meet all of you and buy you all many, many pints.

I live in Portland, Oregon, USA, and here is how I get ready for each game:

First of all, I am on twitter constantly and read DML, Such Small Portions, Cartilage Free Captain, and thfc1882 as much as I can. I also look through NewsNow for COYS stuff but its usually bullshit from some truly terrible blogs.

I wait all f*cking week to hear you guys get drunk and listen to it on the train to work on Friday morning. I usually listen to it again on the way home just to see if I missed any point that Chicago Dan was trying to make but was drunkenly slurring the entire time.

I go to sleep with my COYS shirt on and usually set my alarm for 4:45am for a 5:30am game and wash my face to wake up.

I go through twitter and the Internet to find our line-ups and any news that might be had. I then set up my computer or if its not working my iPhone and wait until kickoff. I have become really good at yelling and celebrating wildly without being too loud and not waking up the entire house.

Usually my lady will wake up for the 2nd half and make me some breakfast. She then tries her hardest to be supportive, cheer loud, and try to understand my over-the-top joy or heart-breaking sadness.

If we win, I am in an incredible mood and usually make sure to do something a little special to her in the sack. If we win, I am a little glum but I still try to do something a little special to her in the sack. She doesn’t really like it when I yell out “tehTrunk’s mum” at the end but that’s just swings and roundabouts, isn’t it.

Love the Shirt and Love the Podcast

– Scott from Portland


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