We’re Spurs

by The Fighting Cock


So here’s the thing, the latter part of our season has led us to the cusp of Champions’ League qualification and while we can point fingers at who is ‘to blame’ [Harry, the players or Chelsea], ultimately our London neighbours saw us relegated to the Europa League doing the very thing we should have done marginally more of, winning matches at all costs.

Of course, we’re Spurs and we blew it, like we blew every other chance for silverware this season, by a) going out on pens to Stoke, b) losing AT HOME to (!) PAOK, c) getting slaughtered by chav$ki and oh yes, d) letting a ten-point gap in the league go.

No. We’re Spurs. Nothing that ever happens at this club is ever uneventful or straightforward. Regrettably too, there is no external chain of causality that can possibly befall the club that has any chance of going in our favour – which is always gut-wrenching for us and a source of great joy to our London neighbours.

“Wait”, I hear the chime of some wisecracker, “it was in your hands, why not just win against Norwich, or beat Sunderland”, but we’re not ruthless, we’re Spurs. Spurs may have transcended to the point that they can compete with eighteen other teams in the league – Manchester United are like a gorilla on our backs in that regard – but we’re Spurs so we even it up by gifting wins to the most inexplicable opponent ever, from time to time.

We can’t even go for a mentality change because none of us are built to grind out 1-0 wins or strong-arm teams in a midfield war of attrition before slipping the ball to our one halfway world class player to tuck away. We’re Spurs, we’d not only louse it up but there would be murders at WHL before the masses wanted “Our Tottenham back”.

[typography font=”PT Sans” size=”20″ size_format=”px” color=”#222222[/linequote]Now, I will state for the record now that I could not give a tinker’s cuss whether Bale or Modric go, if they do it will only serve to underline that they’re as mercenary as we all suspect.[/typography]

Predictions for the summer include that Bale and Modric WILL be sold to the highest bidder and – of course, because we’re Spurs – most likely some form of Premiership rival. Parallel to this, the early ITK runes surrounding Verthongen/Remy will doubtless all vanish like a German superpower’s lead at home to the Dirty Leeds of European club football, to be replaced by Grant Holt/Michael Owen/Alessandro Del Piero or some such wasters.

Let’s get down to brass tacks here, because we’re Spurs, the 12/13 season is already hurtling toward being a total train wreck. There is just one man who can salvage it and – I know it’s a completely crappy deal but here it comes – it’s all on you Mr. Daniel Levy.

Now, I will state for the record now that I could not give a tinker’s cuss whether Bale or Modric go, if they do it will only serve to underline that they’re as mercenary as we all suspect. However if they do, I firmly believe that Daniel Levy will do what is in the best interests of the club, and I don’t overlook the possibility that he could point out to these two prima donnas that they are contracted to Spurs until the middle of the next century and loan them out to Scunthorpe – it would serve them right if he did in my opinion, modern slavery my elbow….

After all’s said and done, I can honestly say I would not swap footballing lives with Arsenal (I’m surprised they can remember where they play, it changes so often), the ‘nouveau riche’ of chav$ki/Citeh (winning’s fine but at THAT cost, no thanks) or the descending power that is Liverpool (’nuff said).

My soul is prepared for the rollercoaster that is being Spurs, watching goggle-eyed as a procession of exquisite talents passes through White Hart Lane dazzling us all – simultaneously I’m resigned to the inevitability though that we may pick up some silverware along the way from time-to-time but Spurs are not of the mentality to be serial winners. Mr. Levy, I think, is made of slightly different stuff and despite the “Ramos Experiment” is exactly the right chairman for this club, right now, to work some off-the-field magic and facilitate the transition from mid-table dreamers to consistent achievers.

In Levy I trust.

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