AVB – Afraid Be Very?

by The Fighting Cock


The Spanish Press are reporting that it’s a done deal. So is it a good deal?

Now, like everybody who has never played the beautiful game professionally, I know nothing about football (according to Tim Sherwood), so I won’t nail my colours to AVB’s mast; maybe he got it wrong at Chelski because of the players or the owners, but then again maybe he got it wrong because he is not a very good manager and his management techniques are divisive. This is what a leadership consultant who worked at Chelsea under Ancelotti and then AVB told me last week: Apparently, there is a road between the first team and youth team training pitches at Cobham. When AVB didn’t want a player training with the first team squad, he would tell them to ‘go to the other side.’ This was one of the things that bruised their precious little egos. The senior players attempted to remedy the situation by getting involved in the dressing room; hence Drogba’s reported team talk at half time against Birmingham. It was only when AVB was sacked that the team came together again – and that explains Chelski’s dramatic recovery in form. (Hopefully, it also means that Di-Matteo was not the architect of Chelsea’s success and that they now have a very average manager in charge over there).

You have to earn the respect of a team before they serve you well and, in that regard, AVB will be starting from a position of weakness. Of course, punters like us don’t know the truth. Arrogance is often an asset in leaders, but, as an arrogant prodige of ‘the special one’, it would not be shocking to find out that AVB talks the Mourinho talk, but cannot actually walk the walk.

Spurs have got an abysmal record of getting managerial appointments right – I don’t need to write a long list of duffers here.

There’s a reason why Moyes is favourite to succeed the best manager in the world at the biggest club in the world – and, allegedly, Daniel Levy hasn’t even bothered to interview him. This vexes me somewhat.

Personally, I would be surprised if Daniel Levy appoints AVB. Spurs have got an abysmal record of getting managerial appointments right – I don’t need to write a long list of duffers here. I believe Daniel Levy had no choice but to sack Redknapp – and any of the teams above us would have done exactly the same thing under the circumstances. I mean, can you imagine Abramovich sat nervously on his hands as Ancelloti courts the Italian media in a bid to get the job of National team manager, while Chelsea’s form swallow dives; he’d have him down a Siberian salt mine quicker than you could say Perestroika. But the fact is that the only manager who has actually delivered what the chairman asked him to do is Harry Redknapp; the chairman asked him to save us from relegation and he did exactly that – and then some. So, in Levy’s experience, getting a manager in who has never proven himself in the Premiership is not the right thing to do. AVB would be a massive gamble, and Daniel Levy, like the rest of us Spurs fans, rarely has luck on his side.

The safe option is Moyes. I know he has a reputation for playing boring football and we don’t like boring football, but maybe he just knows how to get the best out of the players he has to work with.

They used to play a particular montage of past glories at White Hart Lane before Kick off and the montage ended on a freeze frame of a Spurs fan wearing one of those Jester’s hats and crying his eyes out. Stood next to him was a particularly good looking chap in a leather jacket – namely me. So I used to consider that image every time I went to a game. The reason why that fan was crying was that he was deliriously happy that we had just won our first trophy since 1990 and, like me, he was at Wembley watching it. I can’t remember that guy telling me how gutted he was that we were playing such boring football. It took us ten years to find a manager who could win something for us and it turned out that all we needed to do was appoint someone who had a track record of success in the Premier League. It ain’t rocket science, Daniel.

I hope my fears are proven to be unfounded and the next manager we get takes us forward and puts the Gooners to the sword. But history is not on our side here. Please, Daniel, do not screw this appointment up.

Come On You Spurs!

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