Dear Luka Modric

by The Fighting Cock


I’m not quite sure why it is that I’m writing to you. You could call it a goodbye letter, I suppose. Although I still haven’t got my head around the concept of seeing you leave, adorning another team’s colours…

I’m not angry at you for wanting to leave my beloved Tottenham. It’s been getting gradually more obvious that you’re out of our league: us the swashbuckling, romantic nearly-men; you the ingenious, graceful Croatian. We were good together for the first few years, you can’t deny that, but it has now become clear that we were never going to be long-term relationship material. As much as it pains me to say this, I can see that your heart just isn’t in it anymore. No matter how much we’ve tried to persuade you.

Yeah we had our rough patches, last summer I even remember pretending I didn’t care if you left us. I said to myself ‘no-one is bigger than the club, let him go’, but I knew deep, deep down that I wasn’t ready for the split back then, we still had some way to go. And just for the record, as far as I’m concerned those silly ‘quotes’ from you on the Croatian yacht were lost in translation. You just wouldn’t have said those things about Chelsea. Not that club. They’re beneath you. They’re beneath everyone.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking things through. And I feel that you going away, far away, somewhere hot like Madrid, would make a lot more sense than if you stayed in London. It’s just because I don’t want to have to awkwardly run into you, which is likely to happen if you stay. Even if you go north to Manchester we’ll still see each other. We need a clean break, we need to be out of each other’s hair, start afresh, because I don’t much like old wounds being reopened and I’d hate to see you being happy with someone else. We’ve come as far as is healthy for us now though, I think it’s time you moved on, it’s for the best. I think I’m ready.

I just wanted to say a few more things before you really do leave though, I’ve been needing to get them off my chest for a while and it’ll be impossible to say them once you’ve left.

You were the best player I’ve ever seen play at the Lane. Never mind your ‘aerial weaknesses’, your ‘poor goal-scoring record” or your ‘lack of defensive awareness’ – you could regularly play passes that other players couldn’t even see. In fact, that doesn’t even do it justice. You could play passes that other players couldn’t even dream about. You could do the simple stuff too.

When we went on that 11 game unbeaten run back before last season turned rotten, you were the one pulling the strings. People said we were playing the best football in the league and it was you Luka, you were behind it all. You would spread the play, you would use the space, you would do everything. I loved it.

You had your own special moments too. The wonder-strikes against Bolton and Liverpool, remember those? Of course you do. They were special indeed.

Then there was the Champions League journey that you were such an important part of. I hope you don’t ever forget the atmosphere we provided on those home nights. Against the Milans the place was rocking, no matter where the footballing world takes you, you’ll never find a place quite like White Hart Lane. Remember that for me, will you?

Anyway, I’m rambling. Good luck in life Luka, it’s been a pleasure having you.

Yours faithfully, a forever grateful Yid. x

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