Drawing a Line

by The Fighting Cock


Being from the US I may not have been supporting Spurs for nearly as long as most of you. But in my time being Tottenham, the decline of the vocal, passionate, laissez faire fans who were happy just simply being Tottenham is rather alarming. The noise at the Lane is on a steady downward trajectory for all but the biggest of occasions. In its place are the newer, success hungry, seemingly instant gratification requiring clients have been the order of the day, as evidenced by our first three home games this season. The boo birds have been out in force. Not at losses, but draws. draws. New system, new players, new tactics, and Spurs have the gall not to win 4-0 each game and actually draw.

The boo birds have been out in force. Not at losses, but draws. draws.

The new attitude is rather sickening, truth be told. Spurs are essentially being told that, as a club, they are nothing without Champions League qualification and anything less will not be tolerated. Is this what it’s come down to? What happened to the club I started to support that strove for glory always, attained it occasionally, but always had the support of the fans? Now, I can understand the need for some of you to scoff at that last question. It’s not as though I’ve been here since birth in 1980. However, I feel a sense of sadness that even within the last seven years, the shift from undying support to ‘win or else’ has been magnificent. This season, I’m not letting my entire existence get defined on whether or not Spurs attain that magical top 4 trophy to go alongside the 8 FA Cups in the cabinet. And, to be honest, neither should any of you.

I often think of Portsmouth, Darlington, and Plymouth fans whenever I’m feeling down about Spurs. Then I get slapped in the face with a big dose of perspective. You talk about loss. Those fans are on the verge of having nothing to support. In Darlington’s case, they really do have nothing left. nothing. So, when we have one of our draw losses, I can at least be thankful I have a team to support and mates to support it with. Maybe we never really have had it so good, and after these last 3 years of (let’s be honest) great but frustrating football, the newer fans aren’t ready to accept anything less than top performances at home and a consistent run in the top 5 or 6 of the table. But if they would just take a second to observe the rest of the footballing landscape in England and throughout Europe, is a home draw really worth getting that upset over?

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