Ashley Theophane – ‘I’d fight 100 duck-sized horses’

by The Fighting Cock


Ashley Theophane is a professional boxer who has won three championship titles over two weight divisions. He has been British, IBO International and Global Boxing Council champion. He occasionally works on BoxNation as a TV pundit, and he is currently an ambassador for Ted Baker, Wellman and NRG Fuel. But most importantly Ashley Theophane is a Tottenham fan. The Fighting Cock spent spent some time trading blows with the puncher from Paddington.

Why boxing?
I used to watch boxing with my father. And I just enjoyed it as a kid. I went down to the Al stars boxing gym one day and that was it.
I’ve fought in America, Saint Lucia, England, Germany and on December 28th I’ll be fighting for the IBO International title (Ashley won knocking out his opponent in the first round) so I love what I do. I’ve sparred with nine world champions and sparred many other top fighters. I’m living my dream.

Have you ever knocked out a gooner? Anthony Joshua is an Arsenal fan. Just saying.
I’ve beaten up 32 (33 at time of publishing) opponents in my professional boxing career so far. Anthony is a good boxer. Shame he has bad taste in when it comes to football. I’m not sure if anyone I’ve knocked out has been an Arsenal fan. It would’ve made the victory so much sweeter if I had known.

Why Spurs?
I’ve been a Spurs fan since 1988. We had a great team back then. As a kid I remember Gascoigne, Lineker and those were good times. My father is a Spurs fan so he introduced me to Spurs just like he introduced boxing to me.

Is it true you have a Spurs tattoo?
Yes! On both biceps I have the old and new style Spurs badges. I said if we qualified for the Champions League I would get them. We just missed out with Martin Jol but then it finally happened with Harry Redknapp so I got them. I’m very proud to be a Spurs supporter.

Where will we finish this season?
Anything other than fourth is a failure. Last year we came fourth and it is the same squad really other than Van der Vaart and Modric. We have a good team. Chelsea will come out of the top four so it is up to us to get the points and get that Champions League spot that we missed out on last season.

Favourite ever Spurs player?
Paul Gascoigne and David Ginola, they are my type of players. All time greats!

First game you attended?
Wow! First game was actually against Fiorentina which we won 3-1 if my memory serves me right.


What are the chances of getting a fight at WHL?
You can never say never. I remember when Michael Watson and Chris Eubank fought at WHL. That was a sad and spectacular event all in one.

Do you know any of the current Spurs set up? If so, are any of them keen boxing fans?
Ledley King and Jermain Defoe are boxing fans. We have mutual friends.

Which top flight footballer do you think would make a good boxer and why?
Wayne Rooney used to box as a teenager so he probably has the toughness to compete. Footballers tend to fall down at any body contact so I’m not sure many of them are suitable for the art of combat.

Mayweather or Pacquiao?
Floyd Mayweather. I spent time training at Mayweather gym this year and Floyd was great to be around. I went to Wildcard in 2009 and Manny was Inspirational in his hard work ethic. So I learnt from both boxers but Floyd is the number one for a reason.

What next for Amir Khan?
Amir will come back as he is a talented fighter but you cannot improve your chin so that will always be a liability to him. Tommy Hearns had a dodgy chin and it didn’t stop him being great.

What is the state of British Boxing?
British boxing is in a great place. You have great fighters like David Haye, Carl Froch and Ricky Burns around. The Olympians did great as well so the professional and amateur ranks are doing really well.

What player would you love to knock out?
I wasn’t happy when Sol Campbell went to Arsenal. The way he handled the situation was wrong.

If you could have any Spurs song as your ring entrance music what would it be?
‘We are Tottenham’ would be a great song to walk out to but remix with Ashley Theophane in there.

Do you wear red gloves?
Red or Black are the normal colored gloves worn but sometimes pink are used to show support for breast cancer.

Would you rather fight a horsed sized duck, or a 100 duck sized horses?
I’ll take the 100 duck sized horses as I would be scared of the horsed sized duck.


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