Taking Back our Tottenham

by The Fighting Cock


Much like chalk and cheese, Spurs and consistency are complete polar opposites. Any battle harden Tottenham fan will be more than aware of this. However, the inconstancies we are accustom to are on the pitch with a team that wins one week and not the next. This year a new discrepancy has emerged from the depths of white hart lane, one that, while unsurprising, is none the less rotten to the core. I of course am referring to the double standards set by our shareholders and directors.

FYlsmHUXwSfKsED-556x313-noPadI really shouldn’t have to explain the intrinsic details of the clubs new cosy arrangement with the ‘second hand ticketing agency’ StubHub. You should be well aware of its odious dealings and unreasonable money making schemes through social media and the clubs relentless plugging of it through advertisements.

The whole debacle unwinds ravels of spurs traditions, morals and ethics, ones that until now seemed to be simple; how can you charge a fellow supporter more than face value for a ticket? That uncomplicated system was one of the last bastions of old school support, the decency among Tottenham brethren. Amongst already rocketing seat price and the criminally unfair cost of following the team who define you we took pride and sought solace in the fact that while there may not be honour amongst thieves, there was, at least, continuity between fans. We now find ourselves with the dilemma of sealing a complex can of worms, so much of what we once thought was and wasn’t acceptable is now brought into question, interrogated and beaten into such a alarmingly deformed figure that it may never recover.

There are so many questions being asked between fans who once harmoniously serenaded White Hart Lane that relationships amongst spurs faithful is being polarised. Yet questions must not be asked amongst ourselves, they must be directed instead in the direction of the board. StubHub have made a mockery of so many of their policies. Not least ‘loyalty’ points, I ask you now who’s the more ‘loyal’ fan in this example, Fan A who has four season tickets and sells each seat individually to the highest bidder? Or Fan B who’s just paid £290 for his Chelsea ticket? Obvious right?

Well, not exactly, the far more devoted and appreciative is Fan C, the one who doesn’t use StubHub to buy or indeed sell his seat, the one who attends White Hart Lane trying to rekindle that long since lost reminiscence of a time when win, lose, or draw we were Tottenham fans who cared. Im not insinuating for one moment however that Fan B or Fan A are not now revelling in such a brilliant (Woolwich away besides) start to the season. Oh no I’m sure there over the moon, as too are the board. How wonderfully ironic, or more adequately- spurs like, that leading the now reliably consistent spurs team is a wickedly contradictory ownership.

Well, not exactly, the far more devoted and appreciative is Fan C, the one who doesn’t use StubHub to buy or indeed sell his seat, the one who attends White Hart Lane trying to rekindle that long since lost reminiscence of a time when win, lose, or draw we were Tottenham fans who cared

During the 2005/06 season the club ran an initiative dubbed ‘Out the tout’ In said initiative the club urged any supporter who had the displeasure of seeing any of those foul smelling, physically repulsive men drenched in anoraks and clad in worn out leather shoes, to report them immediately. In the Middlesbrough programme from the 20th August 2005, the club printed an article in which it sated “We will also consider using our match programmes to name and shame those season ticket holders or members who let everyone down by selling on their tickets.” Outrageous ! They continue, “Touts prevent true supporters from attending games unless they are prepared to pay outrageous prices. Touts don’t care for the club or our supporters. Touts are unscrupulous and will sell tickets to anyone who is prepared to pay their price.” Compare that to an advert in the programme from the Norwich game on the 14th September 2013, in which StubHub beam that they are “proud to provide” a service where “all one Hotspur season ticket holders can resell their seat for home matches they cannot attend, at a price they set”

Its amazing what a difference a few years make, but unsurprisingly the board has cashed in on “our supporters” even more by selling us down the river. StubHub, in my opinion, is legalised touting, no doubt about it, maybe we should report them to the club?

At a time then when all seems lost and that the fans are over the barrel with little action possible, you should be rejoicing in the fact that you can do something. Sign this online petition and take the first step towards stopping StubHub, and to remind the board who really is the voice of the club. Us. The supporters, lets take back our Tottenham !


Power to the people!

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All views and opinions expressed in this article are the views and opinions of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of The Fighting Cock. We offer a platform for fans to commit their views to text and voice their thoughts. Football is a passionate game and as long as the views stay within the parameters of what is acceptable, we encourage people to write, get involved and share their thoughts on the mighty Tottenham Hotspur.


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