It doesn’t have to be this way

by The Fighting Cock

Many feel there are a number of key issues the club should address, in an ideal world, Paul Johnson would like to see the following...

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Daniel Levy

“Ladies & Gentlemen, thank you all for coming & attending this emergency Board Meeting. As you will no doubt soon discover, the content is quite extraordinary. It will not have escaped your notice that there is growing discomfort & dissatisfaction among our fans. We seem to have created an increasing level of hostility towards us, which is unacceptable & more importantly, damaging to this great Club. I have agonised over what to do, I have sought counsel from many disparate groups, fans representatives, bloggers & respected opinion makers. I will not & cannot stand by immune to the feelings & valid concerns of our fans – let’s always remember, we are mere Guardians, they are the fabric & the permanence. Therefore I shall detail our proposed plan to re engage, re ignite & reassure the disaffected disconnected that we can do better & we will do better. Starting today. Much of what I propose in this Supporter Outreach Strategy (SOS) addresses the core issue as I see it – and that’s the tone of voice we have allowed ourselves to slip into adopting. We will not succeed without the approval & support of the fans. Steve if you could just dim the lights please…

1. StubHub – with immediate effect I have agreed with StubHub to implement a maximum resale price of all tickets sold via this system. It is slightly above face value & delivers FV back to the seller, the season ticket holder. Additionally, we have insisted on software tracking to prevent & subsequently ban any instances of flipping or multiple sales of the same ticket. Our commercial relationship with StubHub will end at the close of this season. We will reinstate the Ticket Exchange system from next season.

2. Y Word – this is complex & sensitive. However, our fans deserve our support & robust defence. Therefore the 3 accused fans have today been contacted by the Club’s lawyers to assess what level of assistance we can & will give. It is in our interests to defeat this test case. The results of the fan consultation will be released as soon as this case is concluded. Our future stance will be determined by that information & data – we will be led by the Fans on this.

3. Stadium – I have instructed the NDP architects to prepare a presentation for the Fans. This will take the form of an open meeting, available to all where the plans & a full video (illustrating seating, views & “feel”) of the new stadium will be shown. If required we will host this at WHL depending on numbers expressing an interest. Additionally we will present our proposed means of financing the Stadium & where we are now with regards to this. No confidential commercial information concerning possible partners or naming rights can be released. But we must be open & honest & present a genuine “Update”. We will set aside 2 hours after this for an open Q&A.

4. 1882 Movement – as part of our plans for the NDP we need to fully engage with this fan group & others concerning atmosphere, access to tickets & overall “match day experience”. I’d like to gauge interest from them on: interest free credit for “1st time” Season Ticket purchases for 16-25 year olds, 2 blocks set aside as “vocal, noisy, singing sections” at as many games as possible, the 1st 30 rows of the new Park Lane being allocated as a singing section, with reduced Season Ticket prices, shall we bring back the drum? It may be worth exploring an additional level of Season Ticket – cheaper & targeted at the next generation.

5. Return of the Shelf – I have today contacted the Chairman at all other Clubs who are supporting a trial of Safe Standing. With immediate effect Tottenham Hotspur joins them in campaigning for this. We would like to trial rail seating on The Shelf & all of Blocks 30 & 31. Our architects have also been instructed to accommodate the option for rail seating in the lower third of the New Park Lane – this dovetails with our proposals for 1882 / Youth Season Tickets. If rail seating is approved this area in the new Stadium will have the traditional & emotive name “The Shelf”.

6. Open training – We will host open full training sessions of the 1st team squad at WHL 4 times a year. This will be free of charge – we will engage with local schools & community groups to assist in travel arrangements where necessary.

7. Open Board Q&A – The Board will host open Q&A sessions with Members & ST holders twice a year. We need to consider numbers & venue – clearly a Q&A with 33000 is not possible. A representative group may be the way forward combined with a request for questions via email. We have to start talking to & with the Fans.

8. Statement of intent – ENIC will issue a full statement of intent with regards our long term plans for the Club. We will seek to reassure fans of our strategy for success. We will plot the road map & how we aim to get there. We will detail & demonstrate our long term commitment to the Club & the fans.

Thank you very much for listening, I won’t be taking questions as I’ve an immense amount of work to do. Come On You Spurs”.

Lights go up…

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