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Issue two of The Fighting Cock is out on Monday. Preorder today to get free stickers. You read that right.

Fanzine Issue 2 Front

We wrote in the editorial of the first issue of The Fighting Cock that “It’s difficult to know why The Spur and Cock A Doodle Doo are no longer about.” 14 months later the second The Fighting Cock fanzine is finally ready. Making stuff like this happen is hard work, takes time and costs money. The Spur fanzine would come out on a monthly basis, and it did so for years. Massive kudos should go to Matt Stone and all involved, we have no idea how you did it.

We could argue that the 2013/14 season has sapped all enthusiasm: the firing of André Villas-Boas; the Sherwood interviews; the lack of effort and fight from the players. But then The Spur wasn’t published during times of unbridled success, and they got it done. So all we can offer is apologies.
Anyway, we’ve finally got it done. We’re proud of it. We’re only ever going to print one run, so if you’ve bagged yourself a copy then keep it safe. You might need to light a fire one day.

Come on you Spurs. Gooners eat babies.

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