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1882, Asteras and the great art giveaway

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by The Fighting Cock

The 1882 movement returns for European football at the Lane against Asteras Tripoli. To celebrate this we asked @pixelchap to create some artwork for us. And that he did.

1882asterasOn 23 October 2014, two weeks from today, Tottenham face Asteras Tripoli in the Europa League group stages at White Hart Lane. No we hadn’t heard of them either. Without Google we couldn’t tell you the name of one of their players, and we’ve only just become aware that Tripoli is a place in Greece as well as the capital of Libya. Unless you’re really into your European football, we’re assuming you knew as much as we did. It’s easy to understand why the scramble for tickets for this game is more like a slow crawl. There’s no buzz for it.

Ironically, this is the perfect scenario for the 1882 movement to take advantage of. In order to promote the fact that the 1882 is going to be in Block 35 for this game we asked @pixelchap to knock us up a flyer with a Soviet propaganda style feel to it. Before long he came back to us, we were chuffed and we put it out there. People started buying tickets for the block and all was good.

Then people started asking if they could buy prints. Naturally, given that this is based around 1882, and we can’t rightly make money based on an ideology that stemmed from the issue of there being too much money being in the game. So instead, and with the grace of goodwill from @pixelchap himself, we decided to give the artwork away for free.

If you click on this link you will be able to download a high-res vector of the poster. This means you can blow it up as big as you like without losing quality. If anyone does get it printed and framed let us know, we’d love to see it.

All we ask in return is to turn up in block 35 versus Asteras Tripoli and sing your heart out. Dnipro last year was a special occasion for those in the 1882 block such was atmosphere and passion. Lets have it again.

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